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Sensor Solutions by HSB™ Customer Story

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    Food market fridge aisle
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    Kane’s Market is an independent food market specializing in meat, produce and pre-prepared foods. Owner Bob Kane requires dozens of refrigerators and freezers to ensure inventory freshness. Over the years the store has experienced numerous breakdowns of the chillers, resulting in spoiled food.

    These breakdowns have impacted not only the store’s reputation but also the bottom line. This became such a concern that Bob assigned an employee to circulate the store personally monitoring the temperatures in the various refrigerators.

    When Bob heard about Sensor Solutions by HSB™ for temperature monitoring he was eager to learn more. Bob had sensors installed in all the refrigerators and freezers. These sensors continually monitor the risk of temperature rise. For Bob it’s like having someone watch over his inventory 24/7. Says Bob, “If the sensors detect a temperature rise, they alert the call centre, and the call centre contacts me. I can be down there right away.” In one case, the ice cream freezer stopped working and before the food could melt, they were able to move inventory to another freezer. All due to the alert Bob received from his Sensor Solutions by HSB™.

    “Small business, big business, I don’t care what business, you got to have this.”

    Temperature sensors were not the only ones installed. Water sensors were installed in the store’s basement to alert the presence of any water escape. Before long the water sensors paid off. As Bob tells it, “I was home, it was about 10:30 at night, I get a text telling me there is water in the basement. I get down to the store and find water gushing from a pipe and four inches of water on the floor. I shut the main line off and prevented it from getting much worse. Without that alert it would have been a big loss.”

    Bob Kane has become a big fan of Sensor Solutions by HSB™: “Small business, big business, I don’t care what business, you got to have this”.

    To find out more about how to reduce losses and provide peace of mind to your customers, contact your Sensor Solutions by HSB™ representative.

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