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Australian Standards Import Requirements

Australia, like most countries will accept ASME as the code of construction for the design and fabrication of pressure equipment. Please note that in addition to the Australian Standards and the ASME construction codes, other construction codes and standards are accepted as well. This webinar is intended to provide an overview of Australian import requirements.

Brazil NR-13 Import Requirements

Other recognized construction codes or standards are permitted for the design and manufacture of pressure equipment exported to Brazil. This webinar is intended to provide an overview of Brazilian import requirements.

Brexit. What Happens Next and What it Means to You

In this webinar we will discuss the “what ifs” of a “no deal Brexit” or “partial agreement”, next steps and how this change could impact your business. This discussion is a good starter for what steps your business can take to prepare for the future.

Key Elements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System

This webinar details ISO 9001 quality management systems and the necessary requirements to be certified by an accredited Certification Body. The topics covered in this webinar include the value of the standard, key terms, elements of a quality management system, and the certification process. 

Malaysia DOSH Import Requirements

The regulatory body in Malaysia is the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, or its more common acronym DOSH, and is a department under the Ministry of Human Resources, tasked with ensuring the safety, health and welfare of people who are working, and protecting others from safety and health hazards arising from their employment. This webinar is intended to provide an overview of Malaysian import requirements.

Nuclear Quality Assurance vs Quality Management

This webinar discusses Quality Assurance versus Quality Management for Manufacturers of nuclear safety related systems structures and components. This content will help relate the areas of management and assurance. Where quality management process helps to control, evaluate and improve the overall quality of a system, the quality assurance process provides a level of confidence in the overall production.

Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016 UKCA

This webinar is intended to address the Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016 (PESR) as they apply to pressure equipment being supplied in or into the Great Britain market (comprising of England, Scotland and Wales) from 1 January 2021.

Using the ASME Code to Comply with PED Requirements

The ASME code is well recognized for use in building pressure retaining boilers, vessels and parts with assured standards of safety. Manufacturers may use their knowledge of ASME to comply with the European boiler and pressure vessel requirements to help them expand into the European market. However, it is important to know the different factors and additional steps that must be taken into consideration in the construction. In this webinar, we share our knowledge in these areas and outline some of the issues that manufacturers may face.

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