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    We are an insurance solution provider powered by Munich Re, conducting Agency and Coinsurance business. Find out what we can do for you.

    We collaborate with agents to serve the UK primary insurance market in multiple non-life product lines. Business partners can rely on us for bespoke insurance solutions and consulting. With our combined expertise, we can begin selling policies within weeks rather than months or years.

    Our flexible and scalable B2B2C insurance platform features a fully automated intermediary portal and access points. We assist the agents in managing and monitoring business from a legal, regulatory, compliance & conduct risk perspective and provide transparency to steer the business.

    Agency Lifecycle

    Agency Lifecyle
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    Primary insurers can rely on us for capital-efficient coinsurance solutions. As a primary insurer, you may be required to hold substantial capital to cover the third-party default risk inherent in your required reinsurance solution. With Great Lakes, you can choose a more capital-efficient path: Our coinsurance solutions give you the best of both worlds. We can help you optimise capital, reduce costs and build your business.

    We support you in setting up an ideal structure that does justice to the interests of all parties involved, including quality assurance processes and drafting of the coinsurance wording in close collaboration with you. In addition, we manage the relationship with you and handle renewal and termination, including the run-off of the agreement. And as part of Munich Re, we offer access to unsurpassed reinsurance capacity and expertise.


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    Andrea Whartonthorne
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