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    SMEs want to focus on doing business. Important administrative work such as invoicing or accounting needs to be easy and effective. If you are servicing SMEs, Munich Re has a proposal for you: Talaria completely integrates into your solution and processes, and offers your client base of small and medium-sized companies a simple way to optimise their working capital and enhance their cash flow.

    Co-create your specific solution suite with us to enable your customers to take out credit insurance and monetise their invoices with just a few clicks. The backbone of our solution is Munich Re’s superior pricing methodology and a scoring engine based on Munich Re’s expertise in data analytics and machine learning.

    Embedded finance has recently gone from being a ‘trending topic’ to an essential part of the global financial ecosystem. 

    Talaria is developing embedded insurance factoring solutions.

    Andreas Moser
    Partner with us and we will enable you to offer "invoice-to-cash-solutions" customized to your clients needs and tailored to your strategic goals.
    Andreas Moser
    CEO Talaria - A Munich Re Innovation Venture
    The future of B2B payments lies in embedded finance. Talaria is the embedded finance partner for digital B2B trade platforms. Smaller and mid-sized companies as well as larger enterprises increasingly ask for more user-friendly financial solutions that are ideally fully integrated into their existing user-interfaces of B2B platforms.

    Talaria‘s Solutions

    Embedding trade credit insurance and financing into the most successful B2B user interfaces both allows for more flexible and easy to use products as well as reduces the normally quite extensive manual administration burden to a minimum.
    Easy and seamless access to liquidity

    Talaria is a corporate venture of Munich  Re that provides B2B2B financial solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as larger enterprises. The company offers a range of products, including TCI, Factoring, and Portfolio Investment, which are aimed at providing SMEs with easy and seamless access to liquidity through receivables-based financing. The business model of Talaria is based on platform partnerships, where SMEs are on the platform of a distribution partner. The company co-creates a fully digital, integrated white-label invoice-to-cash solution that meets the most urgent needs of SMEs. Talaria uses a risk engine that combines real-time data on payment behavior, machine learning approaches, and expertise in risk management to provide a risk-intelligent pricing solution.

    The innovative core of Talaria is its seamlessly embedded, convenient, customer-centric, fully automated, and risk-intelligent design. This creates a win-win-win situation for customers, distribution partners, and Talaria. Customers benefit from easy and seamless access to liquidity, while distribution partners gain access to an additional financing offering, increased stickiness, and the ability to tap into additional revenue potential. Talaria focuses on its core capabilities, such as regulatory compliance, risk, funding, and operations, and has smooth access to the existing SME customer base.


    Jörg Hörster
    © Walbing
    Jörg Hörster, CEO Walbing
    “We are proud that we were able to establish such a great and successful solution for the SME market: WALBING, Aon and Munich Re Talaria have jointly developed a new single invoice-based trade credit insurance solution based on individual invoices, which is specifically aimed at the B2B eCommerce business.”
    Walbing Logo
    Hans Leybaert, CEO Unifiedpost Group / Banqup
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    Hans Leybaert, CEO Unifiedpost Group/Banqup
    “This kind of invoice-to-cash solutions are often not accessible for SME’s, however the latter do experience working capital constraints even more than mid and large enterprises. We are proud to close this partnership with Munich Re. Our strengths and common values complement each other and form the basis for a successful cooperation.“
    Santiago Martin, CEO Atlax 360
    © Atlax Yndika
    Santiago Martin, CEO Atlax 360
    “One of the main pillars of Atlax 360 is to offer personalised and competitively priced financial services to the European SME segment. In order to achieve this goal, digitalisation and automation are essential. Talaria is a key partner thanks to its high level of innovation and ability to support our fintech and insurtech solutions in a simple and flexible way. Our collaboration with Talaria stands out for its accessibility and ability to offer solutions in a simple and agile way, allowing us to adapt our products to the market and always with a personalised service.“ 

    Your benefits at a glance

    Plug and play white-label solution
    Immediate risk assessment and cover decision
    Fully compatible API
    100% GDPR-compliant
    AI-based superior scoring model using actual trading data
    Automatic management of limits

    Through receivables financing Talaria provides SMEs in their B2B business a relatively quick source of cashflow.

    SMEs are currently underserved by financial institutions. Most trade credit insurance and factoring offerings are designed for either retail or larger enterprises. Often the solutions are too complex, not modular enough and require a lot of explanation.

    However, the need is great: SMEs rarely have a sufficiently solid capital base and stable working capital flow. Even if many invoices have been issued and the order books are full, they can quickly run into financial difficulties.

    On the other hand, providers of attractive financial solutions for SMEs also face challenges. They have to evaluate the associated risk precisely and must be highly experienced in processing important information for valid decisions.

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    Let‘s develop together and benefit from customer satisfaction

    Team talaria

    The backbone of Talaria is based on three pillars: Customer-centric product innovation, best-in-class risk scoring and modelling, and a highly efficient sales process. We will work with you to develop an agile, convenient and smart product that is fully tailored to your customers' needs.

    Our partners have access to a large number of SMEs and share clients' transaction data with us for risk-based analysis of their invoices. In return, Munich Re not only provides working capital based on outstanding invoices, but also offers forecasts and assesses clients' creditworthiness.

    How we work together

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