Munich Re’s Wildfire HD Edition
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Munich Re’s
Wildfire HD Edition

In the case of wildfires, a few metres can be crucial.
Don’t economise on map resolution.

The Wildfire HD Edition supports you with comprehensive high resolution maps in the analysis and assessment of the increasing risks of wildfires due to climate change in the USA and Canada.

Munich Re, the pioneer of global natural hazard risk scoring, has developed a new Wildfire Risk HD zoning map for the US states of California, Colorado and Arizona and for Alberta and British Columbia in Canada to support wildfire risk management.

Risk scores are calculated using Munich Re’s claims experience and scientific assessment of the impacts of climate change. This new edition is available as part of Munich Re’s Risk Suite, a range of modular risk solutions provided as a software portfolio.

The risk maps in the Wildfire HD Edition offer, in contrast to those of Natural Hazards Edition or Climate Change Edition, a significantly higher resolution in order to generate even more detailed assessments.

Alternatively, these maps can also be integrated as a Wildfire HD Module into Natural Hazards Edition or Climate Change Edition.

Wildfire HD Canada

Benefit from the advantages of Wildfire HD Edition - the comprehensive solution from the world’s largest reinsurer

Easy Input & Output
The Wildfire HD Edition can be accessed via a web application as well as via an API. Because various export formats can be selected, it adapts completely to your needs.
Largest global data collection on natural hazards
40 years of natural hazards data collection from Munich Re combined with climate change data and state-of-the-art scientific data sets for relevant risk scores.
Easy to interpret visualization
Clear visualisation of the risk scores based on performance indicators in different map types as well as colour shading.
Highly detailed maps
New more detailed risk score maps based on the latest claims and impact of climate change, with a granular 1.5 mile Wildland Urban Interface.
Wildfire HD Laptop

Wildfire risk assessment with specific risk scores and high definition maps

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Climate data and claims records indicate a significant rise in wildfire hazard and loss levels in the United States and Canada. 

The size of the losses highlights the large accumulation potential, something that is often underestimated. The frequency of meteorological conditions that favour severe fire seasons has also increased in many regions around the world. Of major importance for the insurance industry in this context are additional regions with highly exposed values, such as the Mediterranean in Europe and regions in Australia.

Key benefits 

  •  Higher resolution to better resolve Wildland Urban Interfaces (WUI), key zones for high-risk and high-value locations. The WUI is 1.5 miles (2.4 km) wide and divided into 5 detailed zones. 
  •  Easy to visualise maps for risk acceptance rather than complex stochastic models. 
  •  API available for flexible integration into your existing tools and processes. 
  •  Underpinned by the claims analysis of one of the world’s leading reinsurers. 
  •  Taking in account the latest knowledge on the impacts of climate change.

Get it all. For more detailed information just download our fact sheet “Wildfire HD Edition” for free!

Location Risk
Did you know that you can also seamlessly combine Wildfire HD Edition with Climate Change Edition and Natural Hazards Edition to assess potential risks better and more comprehensively? Learn more …

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