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Support your Corporate Reorganisations

Reorganisations of a company often feature acquisitions or divestments as well as run-offs that typically involve significant risks. For example, you decide to adjust parts of your business approach and wish to stop writing a certain line of business, get rid of legacy exposures and stabilise new businesses you have acquired. Your company may also wish to free up capital or make liquidity available for growth activities or developments that are difficult to predict.

Meeting the challenge

As a first step, we jointly estimate the risk of certain business lines or contingent exposures related to your corporate reorganisation. Using reinsurance and comparable solutions can help you address all of the above motivations. Furthermore, Capital Partners supports you in optimising your capital and liquidity position as well as in reducing targeted volatilities. Our solutions can play a crucial role in supporting your organisation’s expansion into new activities, new markets or in capital-intensive product development.

Beneficial solutions:

Retrospective Covers

Use these covers to transfer the risk of adverse developments in a discontinued business to the reinsurer. Retrospective solutions are the perfect tool for managing your extraordinary requirements, freeing up redundancies and capital as well as achieving a one-off profit.

Adjustable Quota Share

Support your growth with proportional reinsurance that can be adjusted in accordance with actual development.

Advanced Commission Structures

Employ reinsurance combined with early cash-flow features as the most efficient instrument to provide the liquidity required for your organisation’s exceptional activities.

Bridge Covers

Should your organisation need to manage an immediate gap, be it planned or unforeseen, we are able to provide short-term solutions efficiently.

Jaques Studer

Like time, capital is a valuable resource. Cut to the chase and discuss optimising your organisation’s capital position with us directly.

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