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Gain Business Plan Protection

Even the best laid business plans can encounter disruptions. To minimise the impact of distressing situations a tailor-made reinsurance solution can protect your capital base. More specifically, a business plan protection strategy can deliver earnings smoothing in support of your organisation’s strategic targets. Further KPI optimisation solutions include insuring solvency capital adequacy to meet regulatory and rating requirements in all market conditions.

Meeting the challenge

Whether your organisation requires a capital injection to keep up with its target annual premium growth or to steer the capital adequacy ratio, we have the necessary experience to assist. For example, by providing business plan protection that supports newly established entities in the first years of their operation. This is based on comprehensive multi-class aggregate protection and, as part of our service, we also optimise additional cover around your existing risk portfolio.

Business plan protection components:

Multi-year structures

You can choose tailor-made multi-year structures flexibly adaptable to your expectations. Covers can be adapted to better match specifics within your business plan time horizon.

Adjustable on Possible Maximum Loss limits (PML)

Treaty limits can be evolved to better fit to your portfolio, based on volumes of calculated PMLs.

In-depth simulation

We can create models and projections of your local regulatory and rating capital impact.

Retrospective Covers

Portfolio transfers can be faster and more flexible when compared to straight equity and subordinated debt financing. They also remove uncertainty from the past, making current strategic decisions more decisive for your portfolio’s performance.

Jaques Studer

Like time, capital is a valuable resource. Cut to the chase and discuss optimising your organisation’s capital position with us directly.

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