Presentations 2018

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Presentations 2018

This page contains presentations of the Munich Re Group given at analysts' conferences and meetings of investors. They will provide you with more current information on the Group's strategy, financial situation and results.

Date Presentation
15 March 2018 Analysts' and investors' call 2018
– Joachim Wenning, Chief Executive Officer,
   Chairman of the Board
– Jörg Schneider, Chief Financial Officer,
   Member of the Board
– Torsten Jeworrek, Chief Executive Officer Reinsurance,
   Member of the Board
– Markus Rieß, Chief Executive Officer ERGO,
   Chairman of the Board of ERGO
   Versicherungsgruppe AG

Presentation (PDF, 2.1 MB)
Paid and reported loss triangles (XLS, 304 KB)
Segment balance sheet (XLS, 455 KB)
Segment income statement (XLSX, 277 KB)
6 February 2018 Preliminary key figures 2017 and renewals
Announcement approx. 7.30 am (CET)
Conference call/audiocast with analysts and investors 2.30 pm (CET)
Jörg Schneider, Chief Financial Officer, Member of the Board of Management

Presentation (PDF, 261 KB)


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