Klimapakt Münchner Wirtschaft – Local solutions for global challenges

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28 July 2016

Klimapakt Münchner Wirtschaft – Local solutions for global challenges

Effective climate protection calls for trailblazers. That is why the City of Munich has founded the Klimapakt Münchner Wirtschaft (Munich business climate pact) that Munich Re Munich joined alongside 14 other large companies on 1 July 2016. As part of the climate pact, the companies undertake to reduce their joint emissions of CO2 by at least 40,000 tonnes by the end of 2017.

Deputy Mayor Josef Schmid highlighted the significance of the pact for climate protection: "The Klimapakt Münchner Wirtschaft provides local solutions for global challenges, making a significant contribution to our city's climate protection objective. Munich has committed to halving its CO2 emissions per resident relative to 1990 levels by 2030. I am delighted that Munich's large companies are joining forces with the City of Munich to achieve this goal. Only by pooling our efforts can we achieve success. I am certain that we will manage to do this."

Peter Göschl, Head of Services, lists the most efficient measures taken by Munich Re Munich to do its bit: "With our location concept, we are systematically withdrawing from environmentally and economically inefficient sites. Thanks to our modern furnishing concept, our refurbishment of buildings focused on energy efficiency, and the digitalisation of our communications, we are able to sustainably reduce our consumption of resources."

Josef Schmid, Second Mayor of the City of Munich, and Peter Göschl, Head of the Services Division at Munich Re, at Munich Re’s signing of the Munich Business Climate Pact (KLIMAPAKT DER MÜNCHNER WIRTSCHAFT)


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