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10 August 2015

Help for earthquake victims in Nepal: Munich Re donations flow into sustainable reconstruction projects

Munich Re (Group) staff and companies donated €200,000 for earthquake victims in Nepal. Different portions of the money are going to project partners of the coalition of German relief organisations "Aktion Deutschland Hilft" (ADH) and also of the American Red Cross and UNICEF. Sustainable projects for rebuilding the infrastructure in the region affected are being promoted.

It is already well over three months since the first of several devastating earthquakes struck this region of the Himalayas. In an appeal launched shortly after that earthquake, staff from various Munich Re (Group) units in Germany and North America made donations for the earthquake victims. The various units matched these amounts and rounded them up, resulting in a figure of €200,000.

The donations from Munich Re Munich and ERGO (just under €130,000) are going to ADH's project partner CARE, which is building two earthquake-proof model schools in the region. Astrid Zwick, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Munich Re, stressed: "For us, it is important that the money flows into projects which, on a long-term and sustainable basis, ensure that the living conditions of the people in the area affected are improved." Besides the construction of two schools, the project also includes the preparation of safety guidelines for a total of eight schools and is being implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and local education authorities and supported by Nepal's National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET). It is also possible for the local population to be involved in the construction work, for which they receive payment.

The portion of donations made by the North American business units (roughly €50,000) went to American Red Cross and UNICEF projects. The Munich Re Foundation also gave €20,000 in emergency aid for a project of the arche noVa relief organisation, likewise via ADH. This project is supporting restoration of the water supply in remote Himalayan villages, as well as hygiene training sessions for the population.

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