Important notice for recording online meetings at Munich Re (Group)

The meeting organisers can begin a recording and/or determine whether other attendees of the online meeting may begin a recording. In such cases, before any recording, the organisers are to ensure that consent has been obtained from all participants and has been documented. The organisers respectively their company are responsible for the data processing in this regard.

The consent must be voluntary and should be requested directly with the meeting invitation (e.g. through a corresponding declaration upon acceptance). It may also be obtained during the meeting, and then has to be expressed at the beginning of the recording, and itself recorded for documentation.

Consent does not need to be obtained if the organisers are required by law to record the meeting. Please check the corresponding rules before recording any meetings.

For Munich Re offices in the EU / in Switzerland

Before requesting consent, the organisers have to have informed the participants – ideally already in the meeting invitation – of the following at least:

  • the identity including the contact details of the person or division responsible for the recording
  • the purposes of the recording (e.g. lecture by an expert, training, professional development)
  • those who are to have access to the recording including third parties to which the data is being transmitted
  • the length of storage of the recording and the scheduled date for deletion

This information is also to be documented at the latest by the time recording begins.

Consent given to the recording may be revoked by an individual participant at any time, though the admissibility of any processing of the recording up to that point remains unaffected.

For Munich Re offices in China:
Do not upload, process, or store any Chinese Personal Data, Important Data governed by the laws and regulations of Mainland China with Teams services.

You can find further information on data protection about of the organisers’ organisational unit in Munich Re’s Data protection notice (information for business partners, service providers and other interested parties) or on the respective sites of our affiliated companies. Munich Re staff will find additional information on the intranet (under Data Protection).

A display will notify all participants as soon as recording has begun. You will find more information about the functionality and displays here.