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Sustainability in insurance
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    Our business is the acceptance and diversification of risks in primary insurance and reinsurance. We find leverage for sustainable action by combining economic success with added value for society. In our insurance business, we principally achieve this through having a strong client focus, by offering responsible products and services, and through the integration of relevant ESG aspects into our insurance and reinsurance products and services. In addition to implementing ESG aspects in our underwriting guidelines, we aim to support achievement of the Paris climate targets e.g. by insuring new, climate-friendly technologies and by making these technologies more attractive and financially viable for investors.

    Managing ESG aspects

    We take ESG aspects into account in our (re)insurance business. We have developed approaches and procedures to analyse and manage the impact of ESG aspects that are material for our insurance business. We also make use of collaboration with other partners, institutions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

    Dedicated sustainability teams in primary insurance and reinsurance support the business units by providing tailored ESG advice. In addition, employees in the underwriting units function as multipliers, actively sharing their knowledge of ESG integration within their own departments, for ESG assessments, in client discussions and in exchanges with other divisions. 

    Ambition 2025 – underwriting with high and credible ESG standards

    As part of our Ambition 2025 programme, Munich Re’s Board of Management re-enforced its commitment to integrate high and credible ESG Standards into its underwriting processes. As part of Munich Re’s Ambition 2025, we introduced a series of ambitious targets for our roadmap towards further decarbonising our business by 2050 – with the first important milestones in 2025. 

    Aiming for positive impact through insurance solutions

    Munich Re is positioned to develop innovative insurance solutions for ESG risks, which, in turn, enables us to create a potential positive impact for society and the environment, while simultaneously opening up new business opportunities. As an insurer, we also make insurance coverage possible for people who are exposed to particularly heavy burdens due to their financial situation or life circumstances. 
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