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Munich Re Art Gallery | Until May 2024

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    John Baldessari · Marc Brandenburg · Günther Förg · Eberhard Havekost · Andy Hope 1930 · Shara Hughes · Imi Knoebel · Jonathan Meese · Paul Morrison · Olaf Nicolai · Jorge Pardo · Daniel Richter · Thomas Schütte · Katharina Sieverding · Gert & Uwe Tobias

    In contrast to a unique piece, an edition is a limited print run for a given work of art – and yet each copy is an original and therefore unique. Using graphic reproduction techniques, the artist prepares the work and, in collaboration with a printing studio, produces a limited number of copies. Each copy in the edition is hand-signed and numbered, precluding the subsequent production of further copies.

    Which artistic technique is used for the edition – whether, for example, lithography, serigraphy, woodcut or etching – is a choice made by the artist. This choice is also essential with regard to the form of artistic expression, since each technique offers different possibilities. 

    Internationally speaking, Munich occupies a special position in the history of editions, given that the publication of editions of contemporary art was established here as early as the 1960s in order to make them accessible to a wider audience. This exhibition showcases a selection of Unique Editions that were created in collaborations between internationally respected contemporary artists and Knust Kunz Gallery Editions.