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Veronika Hilger

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    Veronika Hilger's works have their origin in landscape and still-life painting, but without permitting concrete identification of the subject. Her amorphous shapes are reminiscent of vegetal forms, rocky formations or real-world items; but they can also be interpreted as purely abstract shapes of colour. From this oscillation back and forth between representationalism and abstraction arises a magical, in part seemingly surreal atmosphere that pervades Hilger's imagery.

    The same applies to her colourful glazed ceramic sculptures, whose organic shapes are still partially entrenched in the real world but which lean increasingly towards abstraction just like in the artist's paintings.

    Veronika Hilger leaves her works open to interpretation. Working with a specific motif, she both develops and alienates that theme during her work process until an abstraction approaching representationalism is created in her visual language. Her finished pieces harbour - perhaps due to the uncertainty of that which is depicted - a certain mysticism as well as incentive to search for the familiar.

    In STARTUPART II Veronika Hilger is exhibiting recent oil paintings of various formats together with sculptures. Some of the latter actually touch the building's architecture, cling to it and at the same time seem to burst forth - a game with space and limitation, indoors and outdoors, office building and garden, which toghether with the interplay of images blurs spatial and cognitive boundaries.

    Veronika Hilger (born in 1981 in Prien am Chiemsee) lives and works in Munich.

    Untitled, 2017
    © Veronika Hilger, Photo: Munich Re
    Exhibition view
    © Veronika Hilger, Photo: Munich Re
    Untitled #338, 2017
    © Veronika Hilger, Photo: Munich Re