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Munich Re supports prevention project in earthquake region in India

12:00 AM CEST 2013/04/11

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    Munich Re is supporting a two-year project by GeoHazards International to protect people, buildings and infrastructure in Aizawl. The 300,000 inhabitants of this northeast Indian city are exposed to an extremely high earthquake risk.

    Munich. Aizawl, capital of the state of Mizoram, is situated in a region highly prone to earthquakes and located in the geologically complex border area between the Indian and Eurasian Plates. The area was hit by earthquakes exceeding magnitude 8 on the Richter Scale in 1869, 1897 and 1918. In Aizawl, buildings of up to ten storeys have been constructed on the steep, landslide-prone mountain slopes. The city lacks the technical resources and expertise to introduce and apply effective measures for improving earthquake safety. The aim of the project is to advise the local government in Aizawl, gain its support for appropriate measures and help to implement them. A key factor is to secure the long-term involvement of local specialists early on, and develop viable risk mitigation options with them based on the best available data. The local measures include, for example, training in what to do if an earthquake occurs, and the structural consolidation of state buildings like schools, hospitals and other major infrastructure. Munich Re's local implementation partner is GeoHazards International, an organisation which has over 20 years' experience in prevention projects in India and elsewhere.

    This non-profit commitment of Munich Re in India is part of its Corporate Citizenship programme, which entails sponsoring increasingly substantial and long-term projects associated with our core business in conjunction with selected partners. At the same time, Munich Re will continue to support social and cultural projects at its various business sites.