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By turning uncertainty into a manageable risk we enable fundamental change: ​​​​​​​At Munich Re, ambitions and abilities become powers that change the world.

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At Munich Re, experienced engineers, mathematicians and geologists, lawyers and economists, climate researchers and physicists drive how we manage risks in a fast-changing world.

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Turn passion into purpose

At 50+ sites across six continents, Munich Re teams mix age groups, genders, cultures and, most importantly, ways of thinking. They form a diverse collaborative global network of roughly 40,000 people. Find out who we are and what we stand for – wherever we’re based.

Munich Re in facts and figures

From our first day in the business in 1880, we’ve carved out a reputation for unrivalled risk expertise paired with a solid financial footing. Customers have relied on our financial protection in the face of exceptional levels of damage – from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake or during the record-breaking 2017 Atlantic hurricane season. We are at their side, every time.

The innovation power of our teams produces covers that launch rockets into space, enable clean energy on an unprecedented scale and help businesses operate confidently despite looming cyber attacks. The world of risks is changing, and so are we. Skilled and talented people at Munich Re are transforming the insurance industry. They enhance our ability to assess risks, new and old, and create the products to manage them.

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Specialists from more than 80+ fields of expertise work side-by-side at Munich Re to identify risks. Whether you specialise in mathematics, data science, computer science, IT, IoT, engineering, law or economics, we value vision, drive and diverse talents and skills.

We are invested in our people and their growth, both in their careers and their personal lives. Our corporate culture values performance and nurtures mutual respect and trust – all of which makes sharing and expanding knowledge a great experience. And, it helps Munich Re maintain its competitive edge. 

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You’re an economist, a lawyer, graduated with a degree in IT, mathematics or have built a career in engineering? You’ve come to the right place. 
Innovation is an integral part of my job. I work with clients to co-create insurance products that address market needs, consider the local threat landscape, and meet regional legal and regulatory requirements.
Kishore Angrishi, PhD
Munich Re, Germany
Cyber Risk Expert & Cyber Underwriter for Asia-Pacific & Africa

Graduates and students

Your global career in reinsurance starts here. Joining Munich Re puts you at the heart of a global and diverse network determined to bring forward real change. Take the first step and unlock your future!
The international graduate trainee programme is one of the best opportunities I’ve ever had. I knew little about reinsurance, but classroom training and hands-on projects helped me to catch on quickly and make an impact early on in my career. Our culture highly encourages global knowledge-sharing and collaboration.
Sue Meng
Munich Re United States, Princeton
International Graduate Trainee

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