Other seats held by board members

Board of management¹ Seats held on statutory supervisory boards Membership of comparable bodies of German and foreign business enterprises
Dr. Joachim Wenning (Chairman) ERGO Group AG² (Chair)
Dr. Thomas Blunck ERGO Group AG²
Nicholas Gartside
Stefan Golling Munich Re America Corporation, USA² (Chair) Munich Reinsurance America, Inc., USA² (Chair)
Dr. Doris Höpke New Reinsurance Company Ltd., Switzerland² (President)
Dr. Torsten Jeworrek ERGO Digital Ventures AG² ERGO International AG²
Dr. Christoph Jurecka ERGO Group AG²
Dr. Achim Kassow ERGO International AG²
Dr. Markus Rieß ERGO International AG²(Chair) ERGO Digital Ventures AG² (Chair) ERGO Deutschland AG² (Chair) ERGO Technology & Services Management AG² (Chair) Next Insurance, Inc., USA
1Status: 1 January 2021.
2Own group company within the meaning of Section 18 of the German Stock Companies Act.