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Munich Re as an employer
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Munich Re as an employer

We value the strengths and perspectives diverse voices bring to our inclusive culture.

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    Extraordinary career prospects

    As the world's leading reinsurance company with 40,000 employees at over 50 locations in all parts of the world, Munich Re introduces a paradigm shift in the way you think about insurance. By turning uncertainty into manageable risk we enable fundamental change. Join us working on topics today that will concern society tomorrow, whether that may be climate change, major construction projects, medical risk assessment or even space travel.

    Together we embrace a culture where multiskilled teams dare to think big. We create the new and the different for our clients and cultivate innovation. Sounds like you? Make it happen and be part of Munich Re

    Years of experience in risk management
    We combine the fresh ideas of our employees with the extensive practical knowledge of our company.
    of our employees have regular development conversations.
    Are you pursuing big career goals? We support you with this.
    Equity (as of 31. Dez. 2023)
    At Munich Re, you can expect a secure position and an employer who likes to invest in its employees.
    Portrait Joachim Wenning
    Our staff is the most important asset Munich Re has – a must for a company that sells sophisticated insurance solutions to its clients.
    Joachim Wenning
    Munich Re Group
    Chairman of the Board of Management

    What to expect at Munich Re

    Exciting tasks in a dynamic environment await you with us. Globalisation, social change, new technologies and constantly changing markets are continuously presenting us and our entire industry with new challenges. In order to continue actively shaping the world in the future and to develop sustainable solutions for our demanding customers, we specifically support our employees in their professional and personal development. This continuous development is motivating for our employees and crucial to our success as a company.

    What we look for in our applicants is not just university degrees and experience in their field. We are looking for personalities who can achieve new goals with us and are willing to deliver top performance in their position

    Your benefits

    International roles
    We offer various long- and short-term global assignments on our many global teams.
    We believe in a healthy balance. We offer various options to help employees build their careers in line with their personal life.
    Career development
    We provide training, programmes, and mentoring for employees to enhance their skills and knowledge.
    Compensation and benefits
    We offer competitive benefits packages and incentives across our different businesses.
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    As a member of the Munich Re team, you’ll have the opportunity to grow as we grow, now and in the future.

    Financial benefits

    Competitive salary
    For us, it is a matter of course that you are appropriately compensated for your high level of commitment.
    Company payments
    Variable components allow you to participate in Munich Re's business success.
    Special payments
    Special payments are offered for important individual contributions.
    Retirement provision
    For your security in old age, we provide an in-house pension solution. 

    Active support

    A responsible employer
    We place particular emphasis on a corporate culture based on a responsible and respectful interaction with each other.
    Further training
    We offer targeted, needs-based training for all employees, especially in the area of digitalisation.
    Support for families
    Promoting the compatibility of family and work is an essential part of what we do.
    Health management
    We promote your physical and mental health far beyond legal requirements.

    Diverse health management

    Medical care
    In case of illness or accident, our company medical centre is at your disposal.
    Our medical care accompanies your health with the help of regular preventive check-ups.
    Sport and relaxation programmes
    Choose from various ways to stay physically and mentally fit.
    Individual measures
    We offer you various options for reintegration after a leave of absence as well as expert advice.

    Apply now!

    You are an expert, passionate about your field and curious to explore new horizons. As a team player with excellent communication skills you thrive in diverse settings. You are all of this and more?

    Our candidate selection is based on unbiased assessment of three success criteria

    Strategic Fit
    Strategic hiring perspective – new or complimentary skills and experiences candidates bring to our teams and our organization
    Leadership Fit
    Demonstrated leadership experiences and role modelling of Munich Re´s leadership values, adaptability to our approach to continuous development
    Technical Fit
    Domain expertise and transferable skills needed for long term success within Munich Re
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    Being part of a global organization that harnesses Munich Re´s scale of digital transformation potential for clients and partners gives me immense satisfaction – and the motivational strength to succeed.
    Munich Re UK, London
    Head of Digital Business Platforms

    Five reasons why you should work at Munich Re

    You will work in an environment where we think big: Change and culture are continuously role-modeled. We create and articulate a compelling and ambitious shared purpose, vision and direction. We pave the way towards success and see failure as learning. 
    You are going to experience that we care & dare: We are empathetic. We know when to lead and we know when to let others lead. We attract, grow and coach future leaders.
    We communicate in a clear & authentic way: We interact with a positive and humble spirit. We solicit feedback, ask and listen, learn and unlearn.
    You will grow with your clients: Whatever our role, we support business in an efficient and effective way to create value for our clients. We embrace new ways of working leveraging digitalization to deliver solutions.
    Join us and experience that we lead the We: We have a passion for winning and growing as a team. We inspire people to be capable of joint performance. We create an inclusive environment where different thoughts, generations, cultures and experiences are valued and encouraged.
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    Being part of the Facultative & Corporate global community of Munich Re is a great opportunity to include an international perspective when developing my professional skills. Collaborating and sharing expertise across all of our offices in different regions allows me to deal with single risks with a global approach.
    Munich Re Spain, Madrid
    Casualty Underwriter
    © Munich Re
    Working at Munich Re gives you the opportunity to leverage your knowledge and skills to create tangible impact where it matters most.

    Apply now!

    You are an expert passionate about your field and curious to explore new horizons. As a team player with excellent communication skills you thrive in diverse settings. You are all of this and more?