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Corporate Responsibility

Welcome to the corporate responsibility portal 2016/2017

Our strategy, measures, solutions and all the indicators related to sustainability

Climate change

Climate change – Solutions for climate protection

Increasing carbon concentrations, global temperature records and more frequent extreme weather events: Munich Re has been investigating weather and climate risks for 40 years and develops sustainable solutions based on its findings.


Health – Sustainable strategies for the health market

With its focus on risk carrying and risk management, Munich Re provides its clients with individual, sustainable primary insurance and reinsurance solutions.

Risk awareness

Risk awareness – Living with risk

The number of victims and amount of damage can be significantly reduced with the help of intelligent prevention measures. Munich Re supports disaster reduction projects around the world.

Statement by the CEO

Joachim Wenning on the latest developments and strategic decisions in the field of sustainability.


The Group-wide corporate responsibility strategy and Munich Re's shared value approach.

Stakeholder dialogue and material topics

Involvement of our stakeholders and sustainability topics of relevance for Munich Re.


Responsible corporate governance in our business operations and for the benefit of employees, the environment and society.

Facts and figures

Indicators and reports on sustainability.

Sustainable solutions

An overview of Munich Re's sustainable solutions and services.


Corporate Responsibility Report 2016/2017

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