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2022 Life Reinsurance Survey

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    November 2023

    Munich Re Life US conducts an annual survey on behalf of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) Reinsurance Section that examines individual (volumes) and group (premium) life reinsurance activity reported by traditional U.S. and Canadian life reinsurers.

    The survey results are based on financial information self-reported by reinsurers, including new business production and in-force figures broken into the following categories:

    • Recurring reinsurance – Conventional reinsurance covering an insurance policy with an issue date in 2022.

    • Portfolio reinsurance – Reinsurance covering an insurance policy with an issue date prior to 2022 that was reinsured during 2022.

    • Retrocession reinsurance – Reinsurance not directly written by the ceding company (which is typically another reinsurer), often considered to be “reinsurance of reinsurance.”

    Individual life results are based on submitted net amount at risk, while group life results are based on submitted premium.  The figures are quoted in the currency of origin, with United States business provided in U.S. dollars ($US) and Canadian business provided in Canadian dollars ($C).  While all professional life reinsurers across North America are contacted to participate in the survey, it is important to note that there may be companies not represented in the results if they chose not to respond to the survey call for data.

    Read the full article to view the results in more detail and examine overall life reinsurance trends.

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