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NATHAN Risk Suite

Munich Re's NATHAN Risk Suite helps you assess the risks of natural hazards around the world, from the location-based individual risk through to entire risk portfolios – now also mobile on your smart phone or tablet with the new NATHAN Mobile module.

With NATHAN Risk Suite (Natural Hazards Assessment Network), complex interrelationships become transparent, pricing calculations become more precise and cost-driving extra charges reduce. This speeds up your business processes and enhances portfolio management.

The foundation of NATHAN Risk Suite is the global hazard data that has systematically been recorded at Munich Re in the last four decades. This extensive base of knowledge, combined with risk modelling developed in-house, forms the basis of our offering, which comprises national and global risk evaluations, spatial analyses and claims overviews.

Experience NATHAN Light for free

Try the new NATHAN Light and get a first impression of our tool. Your direct access to the demo version: NATHAN Light

NATHAN Risk Suite in brief

The individual products of NATHAN Risk Suite differ according to individual risk or portfolio analysis, and by the depth of their integration into the evaluation process. This means we offer you the right product for every need:

NATHAN Single Risk – Identify individual risks more easily

NATHAN Single Risk offers exposure analyses for many markets, and additional world maps on forest fire hazards and population density. High-resolution maps and satellite images enable you to identify and evaluate individual risks faster and better – a particular matter of concern for facultative property insurance and when rating technical risks.

NATHAN Portfolio Risk – Analyse exposure of individual portfolios to natural hazards

If entire portfolios are to be investigated as to their exposure to natural hazards, the upload/download procedure of NATHAN Portfolio Risk is the ideal complement to your workflow. Your underwriters quickly and efficiently obtain valuable foundations for their decision-making pertaining to premium calculation and accumulation control.

NATHAN Premium – Assess the exposure of portfolios in real time

We even go a step further with NATHAN Premium: This premium service is especially suitable for assessing large portfolios. with it, we integrate a real-time web service into your workflow. Your underwriters receive fully automated support and can focus on assessing and rating risks.

Continuously new functions in NATHAN Risk Suite

NATHAN Risk Suite is continuously being expanded and optimised. In this new version, for instance, we offer “Interactive Tools”, which is an innovative possibility to investigate individual portfolio data for regional accumulations and new patterns. This makes accumulation situations visible more quickly, and the results can be forwarded within one's own organisation quickly and reliably.

Get to know some of the new functions:

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NATHAN Risk Suite


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