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Healthcare Symposium Annual Event

Healthcare Symposium is an annual client event for senior executives of insurers, intermediaries and business partners hosted by a division of Munich Re America, Inc.

Each year we feature dynamic industry and motivational speakers as well as a range of social activities.

The 2016 Symposium Recap is now available

Table of Contents

Karl Rove & Governor Howard Dean
Debating the future of health reform and the 2016 election
Karl Rove and Governor Dean discuss politics, the economy, and their impacts on healthcare.

Josh Linkner
Innovation: driving creative disruption
We so often are faced with the risk of trying something new, but we usually fail to con-template the risk of standing still. What happens if we don’t adapt or innovate?

Dr. Eric Coleman
An unrecognized key to improving transitional care: feedback loops
How can we keep hospital care providers updated on the status of the former/future patients?

Bill Copeland
The US healthcare system: innovation as a curative
Innovation is a holistic process that changes the way that we do business. Done right, it’s where you get “More for Less”.

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
Healthcare reform – an insider’s view
A progress report on the Affordable Care Act, reviewing keys to the future, and topics on the horizon.

Dr. Nathan Wolfe
How much epidemic risk are you holding?
Reviewing how our global interconnections make epidemics worse – and how they can make them better.

Past Symposium Events

Event Featured speakers
Munich Health North America Symposium 2013 Newt Gingrich
Ezekiel Emanuel
J. D. Kleinke
Carl McDonald
Andrew Zolli
Brad Meltzer
Munich Health North America Symposium 2012 Karl Rove & Robert Gibbs
Robert B. Tucker
Joshua R. Raskin
Robert Laszewski
Michael O. Leavitt
Munich Health North America Symposium 2011 Tim Pawlenty
Douglas Holtz-Eakin
Joseph Grenny
Carl McDonald
James Heywood
Bo Eason
Munich Health North America Symposium 2010 Bill Frist
Scott McKain
Todd Richter
Juan Enriquez
Christine Arnold
Patrick Collins
Linda E. Tarplin
HealthCare Symposium 2009 Karen Ignagni
Peter Kongstvedt
Steven Levitt
Carl McDonald
Alexander Tsiaras
John Pullum
HealthCare Symposium 2008 Chip Heath
Scott Fidel
John Kimberly
Robert Laszewski
Frank Miles
HealthCare Symposium 2007 Tom Kelley
Christopher D. McFadden
Bruce Clark
Gail Wilensky
Mark McClellan
Kevin Carroll
HealthCare Symposium 2006 Michael Treacy
Tommy Thompson
Jeff Goldsmith
David Wennberg
Christine Arnold
Alan Hobson

Karl Rove
Former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush

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