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Prepare and protect

Future-minded flood coverage

The waters are rising

With the increased potential for flooding brought by weather pattern changes and more frequent or severe precipitation events, Munich Re is the lifeline insurers trust to deliver innovative and flexible flood solutions for the future.

Inland Flood Coverage Endorsement

Flood is not just a coastal threat. It is the most frequently occurring natural disaster in the U.S., with 50 states having experienced at least one flood event during the past 5 years.* Munich Re’s Inland Flood Coverage Endorsement is an attractive alternative for non-coastal homeowners seeking competitively priced coverage to protect their homes and personal property.

* Federal Emergency Management Agency “Flooding in the Past Five Years,” 11-28-2016.

Targeted and tailored

The Inland Flood Coverage Endorsement attaches to the insured’s existing homeowners or dwelling fire policy. This unique solution provides policyholders in low-to-moderate flood hazard areas outside of wind and surge-exposed Atlantic and Gulf coastal counties with flood coverage they might not have otherwise. It is fully supported with form design, agent training, and marketing all available through Munich Re.

Product overview

  • Offered as a private-labeled product
  • Covers dwelling, contents, basement personal property, loss of use, property moved to safety, and debris removal
  • Endorsed to insurance carriers homeowners, farmowners, or dwelling fire policies
  • Single limit coverage from $5,000 up to $50,000
  • Loss settlement follows the underlying policy
  • Up to 100 percent quota share treaty reinsurance
InDepth® flood rating engine
– Hazard-specific risk pricing
– Advanced flood modeling
– Custom application programming interface (API) developed for agents
– API delivers fast and seamless eligibility and pricing determinations
– Flood hazard calculations include riverine and surface flooding
Turnkey implementation services
– Product development
– Pricing
– Risk assessment
– Marketing Support
Extra coverage
– Includes sub-limited basement personal property and loss of use coverage
Eligibility criteria
– Single and multiple family dwellings
– All states except Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Florida
– Certain surge exposed locations ineligible
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Serena Garrahan
Serena Garrahan
Vice president and inland flood product manager
Munich Re US
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