NATHAN for Location Risk Intelligence

NATHAN helps you assess the risks of natural hazards around the world, from the location-based individual risk through to entire risk portfolios. It is also available on mobile and tablet devices.


NATHAN (Natural Hazards Assessment Network) speeds up your business processes and enhances both portfolio management and claims management.

The basis for NATHAN is the global hazard data that has been systematically recorded at Munich Re over the last four decades. This extensive scientific knowledge, combined with risk modelling developed in-house, forms the basis for our offering, which comprises national and global risk evaluations, spatial analyses and claims overviews.


Benefit from the new release of NATHAN for Location Risk Intelligence


The new NATHAN release marks a milestone in providing location risk intelligence to enhance risk analysis.


Flooding especially poses a growing challenge in risk assessment. Nathan provides you with significant updates including River flood and Storm surge.
Besides the overall risk score, three new risk scores with a numeric risk index for earthquake, storm and flood are now available.

NATHAN for Location Risk Intelligence provides underwriters and risk managers with a common baseline for benchmarking and comparative risk assessment for further underwriting action.