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Nothing Assumed with Marcus Winter

Quick talk on topics that keep the reinsurance industry up at night

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    Preparing for tomorrow’s risks today – demands foresight, awareness, and conversation. Escalating threats from climate change to cyber risk and more, demand innovative solutions that create true resilience. Nothing Assumed, a podcast with Marcus Winter, President and CEO of Munich Re US, provides a forum to share our insights on today’s key challenges that keep the reinsurance industry up at night. You’ll hear from the best and brightest on today’s hottest topics. Let’s keep the conversation going and leave nothing assumed.

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    About Marcus Winter

    Dr. Marcus Winter has been with the Munich Re Group for over 20 years, and is currently President & CEO, North America (P&C Re), a position he has held since April 2021. Marcus has held several roles since he first joined Munich Re as an Underwriter Property Treaty, including Head of Reinsurance Development, Head of Corporate Underwriting Cross Lines and General Manager Non-Life for Munich Re Australia. Marcus received his Executive MBA in Financial Services and Insurance (EMBA FSI) from the University of St. Gallen, Vlerick Business School and HEC Montreal in 2014. Prior to that, Marcus attended Universität Ulm, where he received his diploma in Business Mathematics in 1996 and went on to pursue his PhD in Economics in 2001.

    The growing threat of secondary perils and how Munich Re US can help

    Episode 10 - Feb 26, 2024

    The industry is facing an upsurge in secondary perils, particularly severe convective storms. Marcus Winter speaks with guests  Mike Quigley, Head of Property & Multiline Risk Quantification and Tehya Duckworth, Property Underwriting Manager at Munich Re US, regarding what factors are driving this trend, and how...  Read More

    Managing the rising emergence of long-tail casualty claims

    Episode 9 - Sep 19, 2023

    Reinsurers are facing an upsurge in long-tail casualty claims. Marcus Winter speaks with guests  Leah Spivery, Chief Claims Officer for North America at Munich Re US, and Maura Freiwald,  Head of Casualty for Munich Re US, regarding what factors are driving this trend, and what pro-active  steps can be taken to...  Read More

    Is the Growing Threat of Wildfire Insurable?

    Episode 8 -  Jul 26, 2023

    Wildfires are becoming a year-round occurrence, with a warmer climate and population density directly linked to increased fire danger. Marcus Winter speaks with special guest Roy Wright and Mike Quigley about the insurability of wildfire and key mitigation measures needed at both the the home and community level to reduce this growing risk...  Read More

    Key Economic Indicators that Matter Now and in the Future

    Episode 7 -  Apr 11, 2023

    The global and US economies have been impacted by a series of unprecedented events, many of which affect our industry. The head of Munich Re’s Economic Research Unit, Oliver Büsse, shares his view on what economic indicators should be the industry’s primary focus and why...  Read More

    Flood Peril is Increasing - Why Mitigation Efforts are More Critical than Ever

    Episode 6 -  Feb 3, 2023

    FEMA reports that 99% of counties in the US have been impacted by flooding since 1996. Listen as Marcus Winter and featured guest, Raghuveer Vinukollu, Head of Climate Insights and Advisory for Munich Re US, discuss issues around the widening flood protection gap and the...  Read More

    The New Capacity Crisis - How it Started and Where We are Now

    Episode 5 -  Dec 12, 2022

    Learn about how the capacity issue began, from the the impact of global, large natural catastrophes, to sky-rocketing inflation, geopolitical instability, and dealing with hard markets in Cyber and Property.  Read More

    How Legal System Abuse (also referred to as social inflation) Impacts Casualty Business

    Episode 4 -  Oct 27, 2022

    Legal system abuse is not going away anytime soon. Understand the causes of legal system abuse, how it impacts our industry and what our industry can do to help address this issue.  Read More

    The Pressure is On: Market Forces at Play 1/1

    Episode 3 -  Sep 19, 2022

    Learn how recent macro trends are impacting the upcoming 1/1 renewal season.  Read More

    Systemic Cyber Risks and Market Sustainability

    Episode 2 -  Jun 17, 2022

    Learn why re(insurers) are concerned with cyber systemic risk and ways to predict and quantify such risks. Also understand the ways in which we can work together to bring sustainability to the cyber market.  Read More

    Inflation Impacts on the Property (Re)Insurance Market

    Episode 1 -  May 25, 2022

    Understand the impacts of inflation within the property (re)insurance market and how insureres can be proactive in managing inflation costs.   Deep dive into other concerns for property including: catastrophes, climate change and risk mitigation.  Read More