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Nothing Assumed reinsurance Podcast with Marcus Winter
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Systemic cyber risks and market sustainability

Nothing Assumed Podcast with Marcus Winter

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    About this episode

    Learn why re(insurers) are concerned with cyber systemic risk and ways to predict and quantify such risks. Also understand the ways in which we can work together to bring sustainability to the cyber market. 

    About the guest

    Annamaria Landaverde joined the Munich Re, US Reinsurance Division in September 2017.  Based in Princeton, NJ, she is responsible for the profit and growth of the cyber reinsurance portfolio and US team, with a focused emphasis on strategy and product development.  She is also an active member of the Munich Re Cyber Global Line of Business Board.

    Annamaria Landaverde
    Annamaria Landaverde
    Cyber Practice Lead, Munich Re US