In a world of globalisation, social change and markets in flux, we take a targeted approach to supporting our employees in their professional and personal development. 

We don’t just look for a degree or experience in an area of expertise. What matters to us? Your ability to contribute to our shared goals and your commitment to excelling in your chosen career.

We celebrate the diverse voices of our people across the world. We design development programmes, build our teams and cultivate leaders in the spirit of an inclusive culture where every person can grow and be the best they can be. Diversity fuels innovation. When different perspectives, experiences and ways of thinking come together they spark ideas. This creative force brings forth solutions that drive progress in our industry and help us answer the questions society and the world are facing today and tomorrow.

Your Benefits

International roles
We offer various long- and short-term global assignments on our many global teams
Career development
We provide training, programmes, and mentoring for employees to enhance their skills and knowledge
Compensation and benefits
We offer competitive benefits packages and incentives across our different businesses
We believe in a healthy balance. We offer various options to help employees build their careers in line with their personal life
Personal development
We provide workshops, mentoring and coaching to develop your softer skills.

Personal Development

As part of the coaching experience you learn to look at yourself and the world differently. I really enjoy coaching as it really helps people to work through their current concerns, assists with their development and encourages them to think about what to do next.
Martin Lockwood
Head of Longevity