Health Risks

Risk assessment in your living room

Clients who take out high-value life insurance policies generally do not have a lot of spare time on their hands. For this reason, there is now the option of choosing a mobile health check instead of the medical examination by a doctor that is normally required. It is a service that fits well with the product and target group, as well as offering some distinct advantages for insurers.


Anyone who wishes to take out a high-value life and disability insurance must undergo a medical examination. Up to now, this has meant that the policyholder had to pay a visit to the doctor. Supplementary examinations were often required, such as an exercise ECG – a real disincentive to closing the sale for the clients, who generally have better things to do with their time than sit around in a doctor's waiting room.

A health check whenever and wherever the client prefers

On request, a qualified nurse can now visit clients at home or in the office, saving them the trouble of going to the doctor and, at the same time, speeding up the proposal process. You can even undergo an examination at the airport. An average time of 45 minutes is all that is needed to complete the case history questionnaire and to take the laboratory samples required.

Standardised and quality assured by Munich Re

Munich Re has now standardised and quality assured this service, previously available in Germany and in a pilot region in Austria under the name Medical Home Service. The priority for our experts in the fields of risk and performance assessment, medicine and law was to design the health check in such a way that it covered all the risk-related aspects, and to ensure that these were compatible with an on-the-spot health check. Accordingly, we structured the required questionnaire in such a way that the medical history can be recorded quickly and without any ambiguity. The questionnaire replaces the medical certificate used at the doctor's. Only qualified nursing staff with a specific level of qualifications may conduct the health check. Guidelines on documentation and detailed instructions on legal consequences were defined to cover potential sanctions in benefit cases resulting from violations of the duty of disclosure prior to conclusion of the contract. Consideration was also given to data protection regulations, in particular, patient/physician confidentiality and family history. Munich Re has given the new, improved service the name M-Check direct.

Munich Re develops cost-cutter ECG Quick-Check

Until now, the size of the sum insured determined whether an additional exercise ECG was necessary. M-Check direct has been supplemented with an innovative approach in this area. The new ECG Quick-Check is now available to decide whether an exercise ECG is required. It includes a risk matrix with which the qualified nurse can determine immediately whether an additional exercise ECG is called for. If the latter is required, the nurse immediately arranges an appointment with a cardiologist in consultation with the client. This ensures the process stays streamlined and client-friendly. Compared to the standard procedure, the ECG Quick-Check eliminates the need for a large number of exercise ECGs. This reduces the cost for males by up to 70%, and for females by as much as 90%.

M-Check direct on course for success

M-Check direct was recently presented as part of the industry symposium "Innovative concepts for processing proposals and benefits" at the Versicherungsforen Leipzig insurance forum, and the feedback received has been extremely positive: Highest level of service for the client, lower examination costs, improved quality of risk assessment, and enhanced legal security in a benefit case, all in conjunction with a rising sales rate – advantages that are impressive. Until now, the mobile health check has been offered under the names M-Check direct, and Medical Home Service by the company Medicals Direct Deutschland GmbH for cases involving high disability and death benefits. Following a test phase with its clients, Munich Re is now approving M-Check direct for the entire German market. There have been a large number of enquiries about the service and many German insurers are already convinced it has a very promising future.