Tech Trend Radar – The must-know future technology trends of 2019

Rapidly evolving technologies are disrupting and revolutionising a wide array of industries, including insurance. Our Tech Trend Radar 2019 sheds light on some of the most important trends you need to know about now so you can start conversations in your own organisation.


How familiar are you with the differences between augmented and machine-driven decision making? Or cloud enablement and cloud edge? What will 5G mean to your business?

With technology advancing at never-before-seen speeds, it’s more challenging than ever for companies to keep up with the latest IT trends, much less, actively plan for possible business impacts.

That’s where the Tech Trend Radar 2019 can help. Now in its fifth edition, it provides information about technology-driven trends that are particularly relevant for the global insurance sector. A collaborative initiative by Munich Re and ERGO, the annual Tech Trend Radar aims to sharpen awareness of key trends and evoke a conversation about their relevance along the insurance value chain.

The structure of the trend report

As you explore our online interactive radar, you’ll find that we’ve categorised emerging technology trends into four fields: 

  • User Centricity
  • Connected World
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Disruptive Technologies

We also assess the maturity of each trend:

  • Hold: Add it to your watch list
  • Assess: Consider what it may mean for your business
  • Trial: First initiatives should be underway in the most affected business areas
  • Adopt: Start taking full advantage of this technology

In addition to exploring each of the nearly 50 trends, you can also discover some of the innovative technology solutions Munich Re offers in each of the trend fields.

This year, we’ve included a downloadable report at the bottom of this page that gives you a deep-dive into what we consider to be the top 10 tech trends for 2019. It not only features key facts and figures for each of the trends, but also delves into the associated opportunities and risks.

Technology is an important driver of future business. Those who proactively embrace it gain competitive advantages in innovation and productivity. It’s our hope that the Tech Trend Radar will serve as a valuable tool as you assess how emerging technological developments may impact your organisation.

For a mobile version of the Tech Trend Radar please click here.

How to get a copy of the full Tech Trend Radar 2019 report

For more information about the Tech Trend Radar 2019 please contact your responsible Client Manager.

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