HSB’s digital approach improves customers’ claims experience

HSB recently introduced virtual investigations for commercial equipment breakdown losses. The combination of a downloadable app, dedicated group of equipment specialists, and the ability to instantly capture live streaming information, photos, and data has improved the customer experience, created the opportunity to visually inspect more losses, and increased operational efficiency.


This digital approach aids in the cause of loss determination and assessment of the customer’s equipment damage. The technology supports accurate claim outcomes and accelerates the overall cycle time of a claim investigation and disposition given the high quality of the videos and photos, as well as additional data such as audible sounds from equipment and photographs of service reports and invoices. On average, a virtual investigation takes less than an hour – well below the time required to complete a field or onsite investigation.

“Beyond accelerating the decision-making and resolution of a claim, the customer appreciates the transparency and opportunity to engage in the investigation,” said Wade Bolin, Chief Claims Officer.

To maximize the value of the digital solution, the HSB Claims department created a Damage and Loss Assessment Unit to conduct the virtual investigations. “HSB’s claims value proposition includes our equipment expertise,” said Wade. “Knowledgeable equipment specialists engage with our customers and guide them through the process. Customers have an increased confidence when engaging with technical specialists who understand their equipment.”

During the initial contact with a client, a Claims Service Representative (CSR) determines whether a virtual investigation is appropriate. If so, the investigation is scheduled based on the customer’s availability and preference. Once scheduled, HSB’s OnSight Connect app is made available to the customer. The virtual investigation is guided by a Damage Assessment Specialist, who virtually tours the customer’s facility and the equipment or property involved in the loss. After completion of the virtual investigation, the CSR reviews the report and images and then calls the customer to discuss the findings.

According to John Nosari, Senior Vice President of HSB Commercial Equipment Claims, “Our ongoing traction with virtual investigations is a testament to the deep claims and technical background of our Damage Assessment Specialists. The streamlined process also results in a low customer effort without compromising the quality of our claim investigations.”

Andrew Starling, HSB Damage Assessment Specialist, was involved in a recent claim regarding electrical damage to a 400-amp electrical breaker. He was able to view the overheated and discolored breaker in an electrical panel during the virtual investigation (see video of live stream investigation). In addition to asking the customer questions, he also had the opportunity to talk with the customer’s electrical vendor, who was present during the virtual investigation.

“With our unit’s knowledge of equipment, we are able to ask technical questions and converse with experts such as the electrician and other vendors. This helps us to make sure the customer’s questions and concerns are met. We are also able to better understand the cause of the loss immediately and take action right away versus going back and forth with the customer and repair vendor.”

HSB’s investment in the digital solutions is another example of its commitment to deliver the claims value proposition…every customer, every claim, every time.

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