Inland flood risk: Navigating today, tomorrow, and beyond

Multiple independent studies have reached the same conclusion: flooding causes more destruction than any other natural disaster. In the latest episode of IB Talk, we chat with Munich Re’s Serena Garrahan, inland flood product manager, and James Rehbit, cat modeling team lead. 


“We have to learn to live with the peril,” Rehbit shares in the IB Talk podcast. “There will always be fires and there is always going to be flooding, but the models can show ways to better prepare ourselves for these events when they do occur.” 

Rehbit and Garrahan reveal the most recent strides being made in flood modeling, the future of flood insurance, and how Munich Re will be at the forefront of developing innovative flood risk solutions, making it possible for insurers to provide more sophisticated products and options to consumers.  

This originally appeared in IB Talk with Insurance Business America.

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