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GMP Update

Your GMP highlights for the first half of 2023

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    2023 highlights

    On 27 March, a number of GMP members from across the Group spent a few days at Ashridge Business School's ‘Pitstop’. This popular development format for GMPs has been a hit for several years and this year was no exception.

    Located in the grounds of Ashridge, GMPs spent a few days with leading facilitators on a number of topics, including resilience, managing stress (including wearing a heart monitor), performance under pressure, the GROW model, peer feedback and coaching.

    Board of Management member, Nick Gartside, joined for dinner and networking, sharing personal insights on how he coped with challenging situations throughout his career and his strategies to stay resilient. Feedback from the group was consistently positive, with a key theme of the ability to step away, pause and reflect on oneself. 

    Read Yunxia Zhang’s personal highlight on Yammer:

    On May 04/05, a small group of GMPs from across ERGO, MEAG & Munich Re gathered in Munich to participate in our revamped ‘Leadership Presence’ workshop. Pre-eminent communication and leadership expert, Mark Albas, facilitated the sessions.

    Over the course of two interactive days, the group delved into a variety of topics focusing on the physicality of presence, use of breathwork, cultural nuances of presence, storytelling, personal impact and group feedback coaching.

    Participants gave the workshop a resounding 10/10 rating. We look forward to welcoming the next group to the workshop in Singapore in November.

    Read Frederic Kremer’s personal highlight on LinkedIn:

    Sasha Scott, CEO of Inclusive Group, delivered an insightful virtual session on Inclusive Leadership to a group of 25 GMPs. The discussion covered a number of DEI 101 topics, including the significant impact leaders have in creating an inclusive team environment.  

    Some key themes came from the session:

    • The focus on inclusion, not just diversity, for real change and impact.
    • Hiring for culture, not culture fit.
    • The importance of the tone that the Board sets in this space, as role models for other leaders.
    • Examples of being an ‘upstander’ and how to handle scenarios where you’re not comfortable at peer level, within your team or managing upwards.
    • Impact of vulnerability and storytelling on your teams.

    Breakout sessions enabled peers to explore what inclusive leadership meant to them, whilst raising common challenges you as leaders face across the Group. Resources were discussed from experts on creating psychological safety to Deloitte's model of Inclusive Leadership.

    We will be running another session in November, with details toward the end of this newsletter.

    Read Julia’s Dechamps feedback on LinkedIn:

    2023 has seen a number of GMP members move Group wide, across functions, and geographically. Since the start of 2023, we have had six GMPs successfully move to Board/ML1 positions. This is a testament to their leadership skills, experience, and commitment to Munich Re.

    Additionally, this demonstrates that GMP is fulfilling its goals to create a strong, diverse talent and succession pipeline and to foster internal talent mobility.

    Congratulations to all GMP members who continue to shape the future direction of our Global Organisation. Your contributions are invaluable, and we are grateful for your continued dedication.

    In June, Christoph Jurecka held a session with a number of GMPs from across Re-Insurance, ERGO, and MEAG. The ‘Speak Up’ covered a range of topics, including ESG, Digitization, IFRS 17, AI, the War for Talent, DEI, and Primary Insurance strategy. Christoph gave an honest account of Group priorities in these areas, and how GMPs can support strengthening the network between units globally to continue breaking down silos.

    We look forward to the next ‘Speak Up’ with Mike Kerner in September.

    2023 Remaining Development Offers – Spaces Still Available

    As we continue to work to bring more formats back in person, we’d like to remind of some upcoming development offers for the remainder of 2023 for active GMP.

    Save the date for 2024

    06 Feb 2024
    13.00 - 14.30 CET

    Speak Up - Clarisse Kopff (Virtual)

    19-20 March 2024 

    Leadership Presence (NYC)

    8-9 May 2024

    Leader as a Coach (Singapore)

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