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GMP Update
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GMP Update

Your GMP highlights in the first half of 2022

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    What highlights can you expect for the upcoming months?

    GMP Lab
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    GMP members from all business fields come together to share leadership practices, pick each other's brains, get new approaches, and consult each other on potential solution. Our Executive Coach, Nicola Madjno, will set the spotlight on our new reality of leadership “Leading your hybrid workforce through transformation“. Questions like “how to build trust, develop team cohesion and lead difficult conversations” present a particular challenge in a virtual context.
    After 3 hours each on 2 consecutive days of intense work, you will take away applicable solutions for your specific challenge.
    It is less hierarchical status that drives success but more strong personal presence and the capacity to transform. The more you become present the more you develop sovereignty and natural authority: you choose your actions instead of being driven by your patterns. You learn how to navigate complex situations with inner clarity and focus. We combine theory, mind and body work (mediation) in a small group of GMPs and a Top Executive Coach. We have seats left: March 31/April 1 (virtual, 4 pm-8 pm CET). May 11/12 (two-day workshop in a seminar hotel close to Munich). Just send us an email.
    Experience a 1,5 hours virtual discussion with 15 GMP members on a group-relevant topic in an interactive dialog with a board member. By critically exchanging opinions and feedbacks, you promote an open culture of dialogue and group-wide cooperation. For preparation, you work together with other GMPs in small subgroups to decide what aspects you want to address in the session with the board member. After our sessions with Joachim Wenning, Stefan Golling and Thomas Blunck last year, we are happy to announce that Markus Rieß will host the next Speak Up. The registration process will start soon!
    The well-established GMP program “Pit Stop” at Ashridge business school is a popular element in our GMP-portfolio. The topic “strengthen your personal resources on a mental and physical basis” lends itself to meeting locally in the UK and working deeply on the issues. The next “Pit Stop” run was initially planned for 20-23 June 2022. However, the uncertain pandemic situation forced us again to cancel this date.  In order to reach as many GMP members as possible, we have planned a second event in 2022: If you are interested, block your calendar for 10 - 13 October 2022!
    Meet a larger group of GMP members in this easy, uncomplicated format. In a 2,5 hours virtual workshop you collaborate with up to 70 GMPs around the globe and an inspiring expert for business or leadership topics. We are currently working on new topics and dates and will inform you as soon as possible.
    Inspired by our Ambition 2025, this GMP format focuses on real use cases presented by GMP members in a virtual one-hour session. Sharing learnings and insights with GMP colleagues and improving collaboration make this format special - it is perfect for presenting successful projects and exchanging views on business-relevant topics. On 15 March 2022, Peter Schnitzler und Katja Weber will present their use case “The Catastrophic Flash Floods ‘Bernd’ in Germany: An insight into the impact on our operations and strategy from a primary insurance and reinsurance perspective”.
    Pit Stop
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    Megan Reitz
    Faculty members of the renowned Ashridge Business School focusing on high relevance challenges, getting insights into scientific research and transferring it into leaders’ real life – that’s the idea behind the GMP format called “Virtual Ashridge”. In interactive and virtual sessions you can expect to (re)connect with your fellow GMP colleagues around the world and share your views. On 21 June 2022 the next session will take place. Let us surprise you! Registration process will start soon.