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GMP Update 1/2020

Be up to date with GMP highlights

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    What highlights can you expect for the upcoming months?

    The GMP is a living platform and membership is given temporarily only. As every year, new members will be nominated in spring so they can benefit from our programs and network during the course of the year already. At the same time 30 GMPs left the platform after several years of membership by the end of 2019. As “alumni” they still get general information about the network, access to Yammer and might be invited to selected events.
    We are looking forward to the fourth round of our GMP Development Journey with IMD Business School. With a slightly changed focus and a new headline “Future Leadership Program” (FLP), approx. 40 GMPs will come together in Lausanne in January 2020 (first module) too boost their collaboration and to dive into personal reflections regarding   leadership in times of massive   transformation. The journey will be completed in May with the second module with a “Market Dive”: We will visit companies in varies industries to discuss with their Top Management how they manage transformation challenges.
    Leadership presence
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    On February 14th, we will bring the second IMD-cohort back together: building up on the experience in 2018, this reunion will give the opportunity for reenergizing cross-business field collaboration. This time we will co-operate with Microsoft under the headline "New ways of working": Top executives from Microsoft will share their insights from their exciting transformation journey, especially the impact on culture and leadership. Furthermore, Doris Höpke will join us at the Microsoft headquarter in Munich to benefit from those experiences and the discussions with GMP-members.
    Leadership Presence 2020
    After a successful pilot with our coach Nicholas Pesch, we will integrate the two-day training  “Strengthening Leadership Presence” in our portfolio. We slightly shaped the pilot with focus on how to become more present by improving personal impact, sovereignty, flexibility, autonomy, personal authority, gravitas and composure. Strong leaders cultivate presence and charisma by increasing their awareness and connectivity with others. We will offer more sessions in Munich, Düsseldorf and the International Organisation. The invitation with more details and the available dates will be coming soon!
    For 2020, we again would like to use GMP members and their ideas in the design, alignment and development of our GMP portfolio. We are very much interested in your feedback regarding already existing events and your view on future topics and formats. Therefore, we will offer “Focus Groups” in Düsseldorf and Munich in January/February (one-hour sessions on-site). We will certainly offer a “Focus Group” for GMP members outside Germany via Skype or combined with bigger events onsite. Based on the feedback on the invitations we will schedule the “Focus Groups” and provide all necessary details.  
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    GMP members from different regions and business fields come together in small teams to share their practical leadership and management challenges. An executive coach facilitates the session and gives relevant input. After 1.5 days of intense work, participants take away applicable solutions for their cases. This year’s Labs will again focus on the broad topic Transformation & Leadership. We plan to offer four Labs in either Munich or Düsseldorf (March 3/4, May 13/14, Nov 26/27) and in Princeton (Sept 15/16).   You will receive a separate registration email in due course.

    What happened on the GMP since our last update?

    In November approx. 20 GMP members spent 3.5 days at the Ashridge Business School campus to focus on personal resources, and resilience. Prepared with a resilience check and a 360° questionnaire result we dove into the world of sports and high-performance challenges. Elements as meditation, mindfulness and professional actors simulated coaching sequences provided valuable insights. The highlight was a “pit-stop”, a team competition to change tires of a real Formula 1 car. There will be a 4th run of the Pit Stop November 9th to 12th 2020. Watch out for the invitation email!
    Leader Presence
    In September 2019, we launched a new format “Strengthening Leadership Presence”. Eleven GMPs came together and made a deep dive into personal behaviour and leadership to improve their personal impact. Not only is the topic new to our portfolio, but also the approach by combining mind and body work to accelerate leadership performance. Nicholas Pesch, a Senior Executive Coach, led this seminar and shared insights in vertical leadership development and meditation. The group will continue working on this topic in an one-day follow-up in February.
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    Three GMP Labs took place in Germany, one in Singapore and one in Princeton. In Singapore we connected the event with a company visit at Google and a workshop with the IMD professor Howard Yu.
    In trustful discussions questions like “In what ways is my own leadership style conducive to create a positive change atmosphere? How do I identify hidden supporters or obstacles regarding my change project?” were tackled and participants truly benefited from real-life experiences of other GMP members. A follow up session from one of our previous Labs showed how valuable it is to come together again.
    Facilitated by Christoph Flosbach from ERGO, our speaker Yves Daccord discussed with more than 50 GMPs “The significance of humanity in today’s world and in the future”. Daccord is the Director General of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), one of the largest humanitarian organizations world-wide. We enjoyed a lively discussion and networking opportunities, also with some board members who took the chance to participate.   You can expect more GMP Lounges in 2020 to broaden your perspective outside your daily working environment. We will send more details in due course.