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The state of Private Management Liability 2024 report
Discover critical trends affecting your management liability strategy in the post-pandemic era.
The state of Private Management Liability 2024 report
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    The state of Private Management Liability insurance report provides industry leaders with expert insights and actionable strategies for navigating the evolving landscape of the private management liability market. This report covers economic impacts, regulatory changes, and key trends affecting Directors & Officers (D&O) insurance and management liability risk in 2024.

    Key takeaways

    Economic impact — Understand how current economic conditions, including interest rates and market volatility, influence D&O risk and Private Management Liability insurance.

    Regulatory changes — Stay updated on potential regulatory shifts and enforcement changes that could impact your management liability strategy and compliance requirements.

    Office mandates — Learn how the transition to hybrid and in-office work models affects liability risks, especially in relation to employment practices and legal compliance.

    Cultural shifts — Navigate the significant cultural and societal changes within the workforce, including diversity and inclusion challenges that are influencing workplace dynamics and contributing to new liability exposures.

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