Transparent lobbying activities

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Transparent lobbying activities 

In the interests of our stakeholders, we contribute our knowledge and expertise to the political decision-making process. In doing so, we place an emphasis on fairness and transparency.

Unlike the laws of nature, making regulations is a job for people, and is subject to different values and perspectives. In order to draw up new legislative texts, the government constantly draws on the knowledge, experience and assessments of those affected to allow it to reach balanced and appropriate decisions. This may take the form of hearings and consultations, as well as individual discussions.

In the interests of our clients, employees and shareholders, we participate in the political decision-making process. We focus on topic areas that affect our Group and our stakeholders, and in which we possess a level of expertise. It is then up to the decision-makers to weigh our concerns against those of the other parties involved. Thus, the only form of influence is a cogent argument. With many Munich Re concerns, the corporate interest matches the general societal interest, for example in the areas of climate protection and data security, or with investments in infrastructure.

The Public Affairs department is responsible for lobbying on behalf of Munich Re Group. With staff members in the locations Munich, Berlin and Brussels, our activities focus on registering the Group's concerns with governments, national and supranational authorities and other organisations. In addition, our experts in the specialist departments play an active role on the committees of various industry associations, such as the German Insurance Association (GDV) and Insurance Europe, the European insurance and reinsurance federation.

Munich Re attaches importance to ensuring its lobbying activities are transparent. We therefore provide details to the transparency register of the European Parliament and the European Commission on focal points, memberships and the cost of our lobbying activities.

GRI: G4-23; G4-58

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