Data privacy declaration of consent to ON24 audio/video recordings and transcripts / user tracking

I hereby consent to online events (such as meetings, town hall meetings, or presentations) on the ON24 platform being recorded and continuing to be used for training purposes, for corporate communication purposes and for knowledge sharing, but also for other similar purposes compatible with these. In other words, audio/video recordings will be made of Munich Re staff or external individuals acting as presenters.

As a participant or presenter, I hereby also consent to the audio recording of telephone conversations which are made in the context of and in connection with the webcast.

As a participant or a presenter, I furthermore consent to my chat sessions and questions being recorded and made available, as well as being stored for future retrieval for the above-mentioned purposes.

I also consent to my contact information being shared with other event participants for group-working or similar purposes.

These declarations of consent also apply to use in line with one of the above-stated purposes by the reinsurance subsidiaries of Munich Re (Group) throughout the world.

Finally, I hereby consent to ON24 collecting and anonymising my personal user data (e.g. click behaviour) and to it using the anonymised data for its own purposes in the future. These could be analyses for improving the service and for marketing purposes, for example.

I am aware that my consent to the making of audio/video recordings and transcripts and the collection/anonymisation of my personal data for the above-mentioned purposes is voluntary and that I may withdraw this consent with future effect at any time without giving reasons and without detriment.

As the service is dependent on the collection and processing of the above-mentioned data, failure to sign the declaration would rule out use of the service.

Further and more detailed information on the storage and use of your audio/video recordings, your contact information and/or text contributions may be found under the “Information on how your data is used” link.