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Client Programme Overview 2024
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Client Programme Overview 2024

If you are interested in one of our offerings, please get in touch with your client manager or underwriter responsible.

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    Our Client Programme consists of online and on-site seminars, our client conference "cDays" and a very exclusive 5-week scholarship programme "Advance".

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    Programme On-site

    Level descriptions

    We have indicated different course levels in order to help identify which seminars are appropriate for each participant, based on individual experience and expertise.
    • Participants have already a few years of insurance industry experience
    • 1-2 years of experience in the respective work area or topic
    • Participants have already gained a basic understanding of a specific topic or work area.

    Understand: Participants gain a deeper understanding of fundamental topics, develop a solid overview on the various aspects of the respective subject and develop their skills about a certain topic or work area.​

    • Professionals with several years experience in the insurance industry 
    • 3-5 years experience on the specific topic in order to enable practice related exchange and dialogue
    • The participants have a good knowledge base and know different aspects of the particular subject or work area.

    Practice: Participants gain a more in-depth knowledge about a certain topic or work area and are able to identify first interdependencies between various aspects of topics and become a more effective technical expert.

    • Experts with long-standing experience in the insurance industry
    • At least 5 or more years experience in the particular topic in order to allow an in-depth approach with different aspects of the topic and to engange in an expert level dialogue.
    • The participants have a sound knowledge and a very good overview over the different aspects and of the particular subject or work area.

    Manage: Participants gain deep insights about specific topics and their consequences for their area of responsibility and are deriving interdependencies between various aspects of topics. Based on their learnings participants could generate impulses for their own business activities.

    • Participants are dedicated experts in their working area or on particular subjects based on long-standing expertise in these topics.
    • The participants have a profound knowledge, excellent overview and know various aspects of the respective topic in detail.

    Deepen: In-depth approach to particular topics on basis of expert discussions and workshops with the aim to identify strategic implications on the topic/business strategy.