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EXPLORE – Three Companies In One Trainee Programme
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Three Companies In One Trainee Programme

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    24 months. 3 businesses. One lifetime experience

    Are you ready to start your career in the insurance industry while still exploring the various routes available? Do you want to work in a global company that is tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges – whether that be climate change, mobility or cyber risks? If so, EXPLORE is the ideal place to jump-start your career while leaving all options open.

    EXPLORE is our international trainee programme at Munich Re, ERGO, and MEAG – the three companies that constitute the Munich Re Group. Over a period of 12 to 24 months, you will gain an in-depth insight into the insurance value chain. Your time to Explore is now.

    Explore these three companies

    Munich Re is one of the world's leading reinsurers and operates in the life, health, and property-casualty areas.
    Learn more about Munich Re
    ERGO operates internationally and provides primary insurance for companies and consumers at every stage of their lives.
    Learn more about ERGO
    MEAG is one of the leading investment companies in Europe and the global asset manager for Munich Re and ERGO.
    Learn more about MEAG


    Annika Lambacher
    © Christoph Bünten / Munich Re
    You get to know three companies and the value chain of an insurance business. EXPLORE is a unique opportunity to build up a large network and to get to know the business in its breadth and depth.
    Annika Lambacher
    Asif Hirekumbi
    © Christoph Bünten / Munich Re
    The biggest highlight is the quality of people coming from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. EXPLORE is an eye opener especially for young professionals providing them infinite potential to learn.
    Asif Hirekumbi
    Kris Hulsen
    © Christoph Bünten / Munich Re
    My highlight is the connections you make. By starting at the same time and completing the programme together, you are able to share the entire experience with others, and help and motivate each other.
    Kris Hulsen
    In many cases, EXPLORE will give you the freedom to choose your stints and areas of assignment. We provide you with a wealth of opportunities – but you are responsible for tackling them.
    EXPLORE will let you gain valuable insights into our scope of topics and industries by rotating through eight different business fields of Munich Re, ERGO and MEAG, which together comprise the Munich Re Group.
    Palo Alto, Mumbai, Singapore - EXPLORE will give you the chance to expand your intercultural experience, as at least one of your assignments will be to a location somewhere around the globe.

    EXPLORE your opportunities.

    During the first weeks as an EXPLORER, you will be introduced to the basics of the insurance business. You will learn about the business of Munich Re, ERGO, and MEAG, as well as their national and international markets.
    The trainee programme consists of a maximum of eight stints, each lasting three months (in total 24 months). In many cases, you will be free to choose the area of your stint. Each stint will be a unique experience as you will rotate through the business fields of Munich Re, ERGO and MEAG. The purpose of the stints is to acquire substantial know-how about the value chain of Munich Re Group by taking on responsibility wherever you go. 
    In addition to your hands-on experience, you will be able to boost your personal development by attending customized soft-skill training units and expert seminars.
    Throughout your time as a trainee, you will receive extensive support and guidance regarding your individual development, your stints in Germany and abroad, and your career prospects. Our goal is for you to gain all the experience you need for your further career.
    A senior executive from Munich Re, ERGO or MEAG will be your personal mentor. He/she will support you in your personal and professional development and provide guidance regarding your career.
    As an EXPLORER, you will attend various meetings and internal events. In addition, you will get to know a great variety of colleagues in the course of your stints with Munich Re, ERGO and MEAG. This will give you an opportunity to establish a great network that will stay with you as your career progresses.
    Sydney, Barcelona, Mumbai, Palo Alto, Bangkok etc. - EXPLORE will give you the chance to expand your intercultural experience, as at least one of your assignments (max. two) will be to a location somewhere around the globe.

    What comes after EXPLORE

    What comes after EXPLORE
    © Luis Alvarez / Getty Images
    After a minimum of 12 months (four stints), it is possible to leave the programme to change into a suitable follow-up position at Munich  Re, ERGO and MEAG worldwide. Your follow-up position is not fixed at the time when you start EXPLORE. It is during the programme that you learn about your strengths, interests and our business fields. With guidance from the programme management, your mentor and stint hosts you will gradually become aware of the direction in which you would like to develop. We provide you with a wealth of opportunities – but you are responsible for tackling them.
    Marc Büchel
    © Christoph Bünten / Munich Re
    My highlight of EXPLORE is the fact that we have an individual, personalized experience - but at the same time we complete the programme as a group of friends, consult each other and grow as a team.
    Marc Büchel
    Natalia Salazar Vesga
    © Christoph Bünten / Munich Re
    People are the biggest asset of Munich Re Group. I was surprised to find out that for whatever topic that might be of your interest there is at least someone across the entire Munich Re Group working on it.
    Natalia Salazar Vesga
    Amelie Flatt
    © Christoph Bünten / Munich Re
    As a highlight of my traineeship, I spent three months in Silicon Valley. Working in a young, driven and collaborative team and interacting with the startup scene was deeply motivating.
    Amelie Flatt

    Do you have what it takes to be the perfect EXPLORER?

    We expect you to have an excellent master´s degree or a doctorate in the fields of business studies, economics, law, mathematics, engineering or computer science. You have gathered international experiences and have become familiar with different countries and cultures. You have strong social skills and the ability to communicate your ideas clearly regardless of target group – in English and ideally in another language.
    You are a curious and open personality and are looking forward to getting to know new ideas and perspectives. You are open for constructive criticism and maintain an appreciative and team-oriented relationship with colleagues. Your willingness to take on new challenges is just as strong as your result-orientation and your attention to detail.
    You have clear career goals and are highly motivated to consistently and ambitiously pursue them. You like to take responsibility for your work as well as for your personal development.  

    Take these four steps to become an EXPLORER:

    Your application
    Fill out the application form and submit it together with your documents via our EXPLORE careers page.
    Your online assessment
    You will receive an invitation to take part in an online assessment. We would like to test your logical thinking and problem-solving capabilities, and would also like to catch a glimpse of your personality.
    Your video interview
    To get to know you even better, we would like to conduct a video interview with you. You can use this opportunity to explain to us why you want to become an EXPLORER at Munich Re Group.
    Your online single assessment
    Finally, we will conduct a virtual individual assessment centre. Within 48 h after the assessment, we will provide you with our feedback.

    Get to know our former EXPLORERS:

    Do you want to become an EXPLORER?

    The application phase for this programme has closed. The start of a new EXPLORE intake is not yet fixed. We will inform you about it at this point.
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