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Push boundaries. With us.
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Push boundaries.
With us.

Discover opportunities for advancement, flexibility, and the ability to make an impact.

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    Opportunity, flexibility, impact

    Munich Re has a reputation as the world's top reinsurer, but it's also known as a fantastic place to work. People come to Munich Re because they've heard from friends, family, and colleagues that important work is accomplished in an inclusive environment that prioritizes people.
    Make a positive difference-and a great life for yourself-with Munich Re.

    Find a place where opportunity is unlimited

    Danielle Prewitt
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    It doesn't matter what industry you come from. At Munich Re, you're welcomed and valued.

    Be part of a team that:

    • Wants to help you succeed in your current role
    • Empowers you to reach for every opportunity to develop and advance
    The work is challenging and interesting, and the opportunities to build your own career are amazing, whether you want to stay with your current business unit or look at opportunities throughout Munich Re Group. Opportunities really are unlimited.
    Danielle Prewitt
    Events and Engagement Lead at American Modern

    Find a place that prioritizes flexibility

    Amanda Alderfer
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    At Munich Re, we understand that flexibility is important, that is why we offer:

    • Standards of flexibility that meet or exceed those in the industry
    • An easy spirit of camaraderie and collaboration
    It’s really empowering to be treated with respect by a company that understands there are many ways for good work to get done, whether it be in the office or at home.
    Amanda Alderfer
    Customer Experience Specialist at HSB

    Find a place where you can make an impact

    Ryan Thompson
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    When you work at Munich Re, you can take pride in the positive impact your work is having on the world.

    Our strong climate commitments have already made a difference, by:

    • Divesting from and declining to insure damaging technologies
    • Advancing the development of sustainable solutions

    All this, while implementing meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion protocols.

    I’m proud to work for an organization that provides employees 2 volunteer days that can be used to make an impact in the communities we live and work in. I love seeing employees dedicating their time to tree planting and forest cleaning. It's inspiring to see everyone come together to work towards the same goal.
    Dylan Yang
    Data Engineer at
    Munich Re America Services