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Enable complex industry projects and new technologies

Engineers play a key role in successful underwriting and claims management 

Customised claims management

When it comes to assessing potential risks for major projects, there is no way around our engineers at Munich Re. What makes them so special? They all have at least five years of professional practical experience and can provide significant added value for us as well as for our clients through their technical expertise and risk awareness. In this spirit, it may happen that a Munich Re team of engineers supports the construction of a bridge.

Munich Re employs engineers from a wide range of disciplines. With their technical know-how, they identify and assess existing and potential risks in highly complex construction and technology projects all over the world

Risk management needs practical experience, openness & analytical thinking

Our engineers are promoting Munich Re in various projects..

Technical know-how & risk awareness

The risk management of our engineers provides significant added value for complex projects due to the fact that they bring an understanding of both: engineering and insurance. This allows Munich Re to offer tailored solutions even for major projects with complex risks. Whether as underwriters in primary insurance or in the development of new products for our portfolio - our engineers are an integral part of our team.
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It takes deep engineering expertise and a solid understanding of risks, underwriting and the bottom line to keep sight of the big picture of large-scale projects. Engineers at Munich Re walk that borderline daily – at home in different worlds.
Munich Re Germany, Munich
Executive Manager

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You are an expert passionate about your field and curious to explore new horizons. As a team player with excellent communication skills you thrive in diverse settings. You are all of this and more?

What we look for in engineers

Analytical thinking and flexibility in applying transferable engineering expertise to new fields
Openness  for people, cultures and new technologies
Excellent communication, negotiation and decision-making skills
5+ years of experience in the field, and working experience in using Construction 4.0 methods

Current topics in the field of construction and infrastructure

A specialized unit of Munich Re supports the green tech industry: companies in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors can outsource risks, investors can benefit from greater planning certainty and start-ups can bring new technologies to market.
Saving energy in buildings is becoming increasingly important. In the process, many different initiatives are being pursued with varying levels of investment and risk. HSB Engineering Insurance has launched a special insurance cover to safeguard the effectiveness of energy efficiency solutions. 
Where mining is conducted, tailings mud is produced. It is collected in basins, so called tailings dams, which are secured by dams. The breach of such a dam can have catastrophic effects. The individual risk situation must be analyzed for structures to remain insurable.
The SR 520 Bridge in Seattle - a project with large and complex risks and our customized solution for it
141 years of experience in risk management
1st Place
1st place in the list of the top 50 reinsurance groups worldwide
> 80
Disciplines are combined by our experts at Munich Re
of our employees, we offer regular development discussions.

Meet engineers at Munich Re

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I assess the risks and opportunities of future-oriented engineering projects and continuously have to change perspectives. I also find dealing with people from other cultures, industries and market regions inspiring.
Munich Re Germany, Munich
Head of New Energy and Loss Control Consulting

Challenges in the field of engineering

As an engineer, you have to engage with colleagues from different disciplines in order to incorporate all the key points into your risk management for your highly complex projects.
Thanks to your practical experience and specialist knowledge of the insurance world, you can bring together and combine different types of information and hereby gain new insights. An important part of your job is to process this knowledge and to make it comprehensible for our customers and for your colleagues from other specialist areas.
In order to be able to assess modern projects accurately, it is important that you keep an eye on technical developments in your area of expertise and are aware of market trends as well as news in the insurance industry. 
Engineers pave the way for complex industrial projects.
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Engineers pave the way for complex industrial projects.

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You are an expert passionate about your field and curious to explore new horizons. As a team player with excellent communication skills you thrive in diverse settings. You are all of this and more?
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