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    Your expert partner in group insurance

    Munich Re is a leading reinsurer of Group Benefits in Canada, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.  We have extensive experience in Group insurance, built through our many years of having a majority share of the Group reinsured business in Canada and several long-standing client relationships.  We are uniquely positioned to partner with you to stay ahead of any challenges impacting your business as the insurance landscape evolves. 

    Our team of industry specialists includes actuarial, underwriting, and claims experts, providing deep insight into the Canadian and Caribbean markets. Our bilingual team can leverage and share global expertise, insights, and innovations to help you achieve your business goals. 

    Understanding your priorities enables us to deliver higher value

    Understanding each client — markets, products, and unique requirements — is a critical component of our partnership strategy. As the landscape of the Canadian insurance industry shifts, we are prepared to deliver higher value. We provide a suite of services to help our clients successfully adapt and grow while remaining focused on a rigorous approach to risk management.

    Pricing and product design expertise from all perspectives

    When we tackle a challenge, we look at it not from just a reinsurance point of view but also the viewpoint of a direct carrier, a plan sponsor, and the policyholders themselves. We leverage our unique insight into the market to help our clients identify marketing opportunities and develop plans for strategic growth.

    Industry-leading market intelligence and research

    Our dedicated Group pricing and underwriting and claims team have expertise in multiple product lines, including Group Life, Critical Illness, Long Term Disability, Health, and Out of Country Medical insurance. We provide end-to-end development support for manuals and guidelines based on industry best practices. From consultation to onsite training, we are committed to partnering with you to develop sustainable, cutting-edge strategies.

    Munich Re is dedicated to providing market intelligence and guidance on emerging trends in the industry. Our benchmark indices and market studies, particularly for Disability and Critical Illness products, have been a mainstay in the industry for over ten years. We also provide our clients access to claims analytics expertise, a training and educational website, and various market studies on disability claims management. Leveraging this wealth of data, we partner with our clients to look at their performance relative to the industry to identify strategic opportunities for portfolio growth and improvement.

    Leveraging analytics to manage risk better

    To compete in this digital era, insurers need to have access to proper data analytics. Munich Re has a proven track record of successfully developing a range of analytics solutions and tools for our client partners. We can help you turn data into actionable insights to manage your Group business.

    • Predicting disability incidence and termination rates
    • Disability claims scoring
    • Managing mortality and morbidity risk
    • Fraud detection 
    • Exploring new applications of data science and data engineering
    Primary Contacts
    Maurice Doucet
    Vice President, Group Reinsurance Solutions
    Natansh Dave
    Assistant Vice President, Group Reinsurance Solutions