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Creating innovative solutions to complex challenges in claims management

Optimizing claims resolutions and improving the process end-to-end

Munich Re provides trends analysis and industry-wide statistics so that you can make forward-thinking decisions for Life, Critical Illness, and Disability lines for both individual and group insurance. Our team of claims experts is available to discuss specific cases to help you achieve optimal claim outcomes for both the insured and the insurer. Locally and globally, we are researching innovative ways to create a more impactful and efficient claims management process. From auto-adjudication to predictive modelling solutions, we are vetting technologies to ensure they meet the needs of claims professionals and support Canadians when it comes time to claim.
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Tailor-made solutions for your business by industry-leading experts

Our risk selection experts bring deep insights into management of life, critical illness, and disability claims from both a carrier and reinsurer’s perspective. Supported by global insights from the Munich Re Group companies, we assist our clients in identifying new market trends and developing claims management best practices.
Case consultations for all business lines
Claim file and operational reviews
Custom and standard training and seminars
Industry-wide benchmarking surveys
Claims litigation support
Predictive data modeling
Discovering and vetting innovative claims management partners

Building resources dedicated to making a difference

We are partnering with startups, health and wellness vendors, and insurance providers to create a better claims experience. With a clear awareness  of the Canadian claims landscape of today, we are investigating and tracking emerging trends, so we can build resources and solutions to help facilitate a future better vision  for insurers and claimants alike. We know that life and health insurance is there to support Canadians in their time of need and our risk management principles ensure that your business is there to support your customers when that vital protection is needed. 
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© Munich Reinsurance Company

Improve your disability claims management with Vista

Vista, our interactive training resource is available to all of Munich Re’s disability clients. This online manual includes tips, sample documents, and case studies to assist new and seasoned disability claims experts with the complexities of disability claims management. Contact us to get access today.
Primary contacts
Mark Foerster
Mark Foerster, HBA, MBA, CFP
Vice President, North American Claims
Kerin Moreton, ALHC, FLMI, ACS, AIAA
Assistant Vice President, Claims
Charles Tremblay, B.A., LL.B.
Assistant Vice President, Claims & Litigation