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Natural hazards – Natural disaster risks in Australia and New Zealand increase

Floods, cyclones, hailstorms, bushfires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions – these are the main hazards in Australia and New Zealand. Many of these hazards are on the rise in both frequency and severity. The financial impact on society and the insurance business in Australia and New Zealand of these natural disasters are tremendous. Are you prepared for the financial impact?

Get to know the scientific background and the financial impact of natural disasters in Australia and New Zealand: Click into the interactive graphic above to find out.

Floods – Never underestimate troubled water

In Australia major floods frequently isolate towns, disrupt infrastructure and can cause death. Widespread damage to houses and business premises as well as losses in agriculture are common.

Cyclones – Turbulences of the Gold Coast

Should severe cyclones reach the east coast of Queensland in Australia, the consequences could be devastating.

Hailstorms – Icy cricket balls from above

Losses from severe convective storms, in particular from hail, represent the most frequent and the highest losses for the insurance industry in the entire Australian natcat business.

Bushfires – Australia on fire

Bushfire risks can only be reduced through mitigation and close collaboration between the authorities, home and business owners, industrial enterprises and the insurance industry.

Earthquakes – Expect a Big One

Earthquakes in Australia could cause insured losses in the same order of magnitude range as in the highest-exposed regions in New Zealand and worldwide.

Volcanoes in New Zealand – Sleeping giants underneath

No other natural events can devastate such large areas in New Zealand with the intensity and suddenness of volcanic eruptions.


Risk factors

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Climate change, natural climate variability, natcat and resilience – find out about the relevant risk factors.

Understanding risk

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Risk is the product of (the probability of) a hazard and its adverse consequences. See how it affects your business.


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