Earthquakes in Australia history

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Historic earthquakes in Australia

Statistical analyses on recorded earthquakes show that events with a magnitude similar to or higher than that in Newcastle in 1989 can be expected every two years.

Strong earthquakes of the last 75 years:

  • 2012 - Victoria – Moe: Magnitude 5.4
  • 2011 - Queensland - Bowen: Magnitude 5.3
  • 1989 - New South Wales - Newcastle: Magnitude of 5.6
  • 1988 - Northern Territory - Tennant Creek: Magnitude 6.3 - 6.7
  • 1979 - Western Australia - Cadoux: Magnitude 6.2
  • 1968 - Western Australia - Meckering: Magnitude 6.9
  • 1954 - South Australia - Adelaide: Magnitude 5.4
  • 1941 - Western Australia - Meeberrie: Magnitude 7.2.
Dr. Astrid Zwick und Stefan Lämmle, Munich Re.

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