Natural disasters in Australia: Experts

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An overview of Munich Re´s contributing experts bringing in their experience and know-how in climate, risk and economic risk research.

Michael Able - Munich Re Ernst Rauch
Global Head Climate and Public Sector Business Development
Irmgard Joas - Munich Re Alexander Allmann
Munich Re expert on earthquakes and volcanoes
Doris Anwender
Munich Re expert on cyclones
Stefan Straub - Munich Re Eberhard Faust
Munich Re climate expert
Frank Ziegler - Munich Re Jürgen Schimetschek
Munich Re NATHAN expert
Jan Eichner
Munich Re expert for convective storms
Markus Steuer
Munich Re expert on bushfires
Michael Menhart
Munich Re’s Chief Economist

Natural hazards in Australia and New Zealand

NATHAN Risk Suite - Munich Re

Floods, cyclones, hailstorms, bushfires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions – get a detailed overview of the science of natural hazards and their financial impacts.

Risk factors

NATHAN Risk Suite - Munich Re

Climate change, natural climate variability, natcat and resilience – find out about the relevant risk factors.

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