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Munich Re Guest House

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    Here you will find information on the guest house where you will be spending the duration of the programme with the other fellows.

    Munich Re Guest House

    All fellows will be staying at the Munich Re Guest House. Located a three-minute walk away from the Munich Re Main Building, it is equivalent to a standard European three-star hotel and offers single rooms with an en suite bathroom and WiFi. The Munich Re Guest House is open for the Advance fellows from Wednesday, 15 May until Thursday, 20 June 2024.  

    The Munich Re Guest House also has a lecture room called the Rotunde, as well as a lounge, furnished terrace with a barbecue, a second lounge called the Clubraum (equipped with a TV, radio and telephone), a communal kitchen, sauna, and a separate laundry room.

    Your room will be allocated to you upon arrival.

    The Munich Re Guest House offers in each room: towels, sheets, linen and a hairdryer.

    In the laundry room, you will have at your disposal a washing machine, a dryer, an electric iron and ironing board.

    Munich Re Guest House

    Königinstrasse 44  
    80802 Munich

    Contact reception desk:  

    Phone + 49 (89) 38 91-66 10  
    Mobile + 49 (1 51) 64 90 95 11  

    Reception desk

    The reception desk is open Mondays to Fridays from 7.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Until 4 p.m. you can reach your hosts at the guest house by calling the above-mentioned mobile phone number; they will be happy to assist you. 

    Visitor pass

    You will receive a visitor pass which provides access to all Munich Re buildings, including the Munich Re Guest House and which allows you to use the vending machines (offering a wide variety of snacks and drinks) The pass will be given to you on the day of your arrival; please remember to return it to the Munich Re Guest House manager on your last day.

    Lecture rooms

    Most lectures and workshops will take place at Munich Re’s main campus which is across the street from the Munich Re Guest House.

    IT at the Munich Re Guest House

    We kindly ask you to bring your own laptop and other mobile devices of your choice. Please ensure that you have everything available for working in Germany, including an adapter.

    Power supply unit/adapter: The voltage in Germany is 230 V; plugs are standard two-pin continental plugs, so you may need an adapter. You will need more than one adapter if you wish to use several electrical devices simultaneously.

    Upon your arrival, we will provide you with a voucher for accessing free WiFi during your stay. 

    Communal kitchen

    There is a communal kitchen in the guest house, including a section for each participant in the refrigerator. 

    There are many international supermarkets in Munich, but you may want to bring with you special ingredients to cook typical dishes from your home country. Previous groups have cooked together and held weekly dinners with traditional dishes from their respective home countries. 

    Meals during the week

    • Breakfast: is served at the Munich Re Guest House Mondays to Fridays from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.
    • Lunch: will be provided Mondays to Fridays in Munich Re's Main Building.
    • Dinner: We kindly ask you to take care of your own evening meals unless you are invited for official dinners.


    Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner 

    You will be responsible for your own meals.

    How to be contacted at the Munich Re Guest House

    All of the necessary information regarding rooms, telephones, etc. will be provided on the day of your arrival. 

    You can make national phone calls with the phone in your room. For internal calls, please dial the extension of your in-house contact. For external calls, dial a "0" before entering the digits of the needed phone number.

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