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Strategic Products

Where innovation meets product development

We close coverage gaps & develop opportunities between brokers, clients, and InsurTech entrepreneurs.

We live in a world of rapid and unprecedented change. As new risks emerge and customers explore entirely new ways to buy and utilize coverage, the insurance industry comes under increasing pressure to innovate. Munich Re’s Strategic Products team can help you overcome the challenges of change and bring new products to market via innovative thinking and dedicated product development.

Product development capabilities

Inland Flood
Innovative products that allow you to provide natural catastrophe coverage to your policyholders. 
(E.g. Inland Flood)
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Expertise and appetite to take on emerging risks and liabilities 
(E.g. Drone Liability Coverage)
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Teaming with brokers, clients and InsurTech entrepreneurs to develop new business opportunities and create sustainable value using new solutions.
(E.g. Betterview Proof of Concepts)

Why partner with us?

Our Strategic Products team draws on significant resources throughout the Munich Re group to provide innovative risk solutions.
Leverage our core capabilities in: product development, underwriting, analytics and risk assessment.
Benefit from our experience in designing and testing product enhancements and the feasibility of new technical capabilities.
Trust in our strength & stability — up to 100% reinsurance support for our co-developed solution.


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