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commercial transportation insurance for fleets, trucks, autonomous vehicles, and MaaS
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Powerful coverage solutions for today’s commercial fleets

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    We understand that the commercial fleets business is not an easy one. Transportation coverage from Munich Re Specialty Insurance is designed with the complexities of commercial fleet operations in mind, combining commercial auto insurance backed by Munich Re’s financial stability and risk-reducing technology.

    Our data-driven risk mitigation strategies can help:

    • Reduce frequency and severity of losses
    • Maximize uptime
    • Improve the operational efficiency of your business 

    Commercial transportation solutions

    Transportation solutions from Munich Re are designed not only to provide commercial auto insurance, but also to drive a culture of reduced risk across your whole fleet.
    Tech Enabled Fleets

    Risk Appetite

    Fleets with 50-500 power units using connected technologies, ELD’s, Video, or telematics.

    Coverage Solutions

    Technology integrated insurance coverage for Commercial Auto including large deductibles.   

    Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

    Risk Appetitie 

    P2P Carsharing and Ridesharing companies with mobile-based digital platforms that connect car renters with car owners and passengers with drivers.

    Coverage Solutions

    Custom coverage for Commercial Auto and General Liability. 


    Risk Appetite

    Pre commercialized fleets, tech developers, trucking and delivery vehicles for autonomous on and off road operations.

    Coverage Solutions

    Customized coverage solutions for Commercial Auto, General Liability, Equipment, Property, and Excess Liability.

    Benefits of partnership

    Technology designed for uptime

    Our suite of Transportation services is rooted in data: historical data on your fleets, industry benchmarks, and loss data. Our solutions analyze your loss categories, their frequency and severity, and shows you the percentage of losses classified as preventable in the future. Recommendations can include collision avoidance, telematics, driver coaching, and fleet monitoring solutions tailored to your fleet to help maximize uptime and mitigate future losses.
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    Partners on and off the road

    We’re here for you in the office and on the road, with an integrated insurance offering that goes beyond Commercial Auto coverage. That includes staying connected to assess how things are going and where we may be able to help. We believe in a transparent partnership and look for opportunities to assist wherever we can, including recommending coaching and other measures that can improve fleet safety. 
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    Financial stability and expertise

    Munich Re Specialty Insurance is part of Munich Re’s Global Specialty Insurance division. Backed by the strength of Munich Re, we provide comprehensive solutions from A+ rated carriers tailored to your needs. We deliver client-centered solutions, claims experts averaging 20 years of experience, and a Transportation team staffed by underwriters with specific expertise in commercial auto insurance. 

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    Leo Grimm
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