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Miscellaneous Professional Liability

Protecting your business in today’s changing marketplace.

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    Businesses of all sizes are presented with a variety of professional liability risk exposures. Munich Re Specialty offers professional liability coverage that addresses those unique risks that your clients face. We offer a wide array of solutions, best-in-class product knowledge, and an unparalleled level of service through our select broker network. As your partner, we’ll help your clients’ businesses thrive today and tomorrow.

    Coverage Details

    • Up to $5,000,000 in limits
    • $5,000 minimum deductible and premium
    • Primary and excess
    • Duty to defend
    • Tailored definition of professional services
    • Supplementary payments for:
      • Defense for Disciplinary Proceedings
      • Subpoena Expenses
      • Loss of Earnings
    • Punitive damages where insurable by law
    • Broad definition of Insured to include: independent contractors, joint ventures, and subsidiaries
    • Automatic coverage for subsidiaries
    • Personal Injury coverage for bodily injury/ property damage
    • Pecuniary interest of up to 20%
    • Innocent insured coverage for alleged fraud and discrimination acts and defense provided for such claims through judgment or final adjudication
    • Allocation of defense and damages for covered and uncovered matters
    • Defense and Settlement 75% / 25%
    • Automatic Acquisition Threshold 20%
    • Available for certain classes:
      • Contingent bodily injury/property damage
    • Real Estate risks:
      • Owned property carve back available
    • Cyber Suite Endorsement
    • First party coverages: Data compromise response, computer attack, cyber extortion, misdirected payment fraud, computer fraud, telecommunications fraud, identity recovery
    • Third party coverages: Privacy incident, network security and electronic media liability
    • Our paper is Bridgeway Insurance Company, rated A+ (Superior) by AM Best.

    Target Classes

    Financial Services
    Human Resources
    Insurance Related
    Real Estate

    Claims scenarios

    Collection Agent: A collection agent uses robot dialing and does not scrub for cell phones. Calling system dials a cell phone number multiple times. Owner of the cell phone files suit against agent for TCPA violation. Each call is an individual violation. This practice often times leads to class action status.

    Consultant: A consultant provides a strategy to a client in order to attract more business. The consultant failed to get accurate information of the demographics of the area. The client relies on the faulty advice and the business does not grow. The client then sues, alleging loss of income due to improper fact verification and misrepresentation.

    Property Manager: A property manager was contracted by the owner to manage a retail space. Tenants did not renew their leases as the property manager did not upkeep the property properly. The owner sued the property manager for negligence and breach of contract, alleging loss of income due to his lack of maintaining the property.

    Phishing Email: All 27 employees of a financial consulting firm received a phishing email. One of them clicked on the malicious link and entered their credentials, allowing the cyber criminal to pirate their email account and access clients’ personal identification and confidential information. Digital forensics were needed to determine how the breach occurred and its scope and legal counsel was required to determine how the firm should respond. The affected individuals were notified and provided credit monitoring and case management services.

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